10 Cool Olympic Tees

The competition in the Summer 2012 Olympic Games in London is heating up as countries battle it out for the gold medal. Celebrate the most competitive international sporting event, in cool graphic t-shirts. Here are some of my favorite Olympic tees from streetwear, indie and designer brands around the web:

Feel like a true champion even if you didn’t participate in the Olympic Games. Retreez’s “I’m the Only Olympic”  tee displays a graphic print of a gold, silver and bronze medal! Represent the Dream Team by rocking The Sneaktip’s “Dream Team Logo” shirt, an homage to the 1992 USA’s NBA Olympic team.

Keep it simple in a crisp white “2012 Olympic Rings” tee by 8 and 9, inspired by the Air Jordan Olympic 7 sneakers.


These playful designs are colorful, animated and add a touch of humor to the seriousness of the Olympic games. Pinspired gives the Olympic rings a sharp makeover in their “Olympins” black tee. Paper bagged athletes and brain faced men enter  the Olympic games in iLTHY’s   “Olympic Lifers” heather grey tee and in 8 and 9’s ” 68 Olympic Brain” T-shirt.

A fierce group of  London Police officers hold the rings hostage in the “Olympic Riot Police” tee.


Represent the 2012 Olympics in tees that incorporate photography and motion.  Mayor Boris Johnson cruises down the streets of London holding a colorful torch as he lights the way in the “Boris Olympic Torch” shirt.  The iconic rings embrace London’s clock tower, Big Ben in the   “Big Ben London 2012” tee. Both t-shirts are available at Spicetag.com.

The Olympics were first held in Ancient Greece and many believe that they officially began in 776 BC. This tee represents the origins of the games. Illustrated Ancient Greek men compete in a fierce race for victory in the “Olympic Runners” t-shirt by Vivienne Westwood.