10 Sickest Emptees Designs of 2010

The t-shirt design community at Emptees.com has been pumping out incredible t-shirt designs over the past few years, and this past year we’ve seen some of the sickest designs yet. Can’t deny the talent out there, and its great to see newly submitted designs every day. Check out our picks for the 10 best Emptees designs this past year, in no particular order.

Seasons: The Passing
Artist: DanMumford
This cool graphic by Dan Mumford features a red-headed warrior woman with a skull in one hand and a sword in the other. You can tell how much work was put into this by intricate detail in everything from the hair and leaves, to the flowers and feathers.

Mr. Tee
Artist: MurrayMullet
Murray Mullet’s unique t-shirt design is a visual pun of everyone’s favorite “A Team” character. It’s a picture of Mr. T, made with three t-shirts. I pity the fool who doesn’t like this!

Rockett – Get Tanked
Artist: Derek Deal
What do you get when you cross an eagle, an armadillo, and an army tank? This kick-ass t-shirt design, that’s what! Derek Deal’s design is an apocolyptic amalgamation of animal and android, ready to crush anything that stands in its way.

Graveyard Smash
Artist: LaFlamme
LaFlamme designed this sick t-shirt for the brand Electric Zombie, and went on to win ‘Tee of the Day’ and ‘Tee of the Month’. Over 500 people in the Emptees community love this design. Who wouldn’t?

Artist: jshantz
This cool shirt won ‘Tee of the Day’ in mid December. The design combines a variety of forest creatures to create an amazing animal deity. It’s mostly black and white, but the gold color splash really pops out.

Artist: Mathiole
This eye catching design by Mathiole, is a juxtaposition of beauty and danger. The bright orange tiger has blue flowers on its eyes. From far away, they actually look like glowing flames. Three orange butterflies are floating above, perfectly complementing the blue flowers.

PENTAGRAM – Priestess
Artist: R. Pratt
You’ve gotta be a real bad-ass to wear the skin of a four-eyed creature as a hat. The long antlers and sharp teeth make it even more menacing. This shirt by R. Pratt, was submitted three months ago, and it’s already loved by nearly 300 people. It was awarded ‘Tee of the Day’ in early October.

The Horror Project – Drag Me to HELL
Artist: Matthew Skiff
The talented Matthew Skiff designed this fiendishly fantastic design for The Horror Project. His bold colors and clean line quality, make Matthew Skiff one of the most sought after t-shirt designers in the industry.

THE COLOR MORALE – The Murder King
Holy hamburgers, Batman! The King of burgers has been possessed. With a deranged look in his eyes, he’s ready to sink his teeth into a disgustingly huge hamburger. Bon appetit! Niccolo Nimor designed this for the rock band, The Color Morale, and won ‘Tee of the Day’ in July.

Artist: B Studio
Behold, the legendary battle between the powerful primate, King Kong, and the tyrant lizard, Tyrannosaurus Rex. Who will win the no-holds-barred slug fest?

What are your favorite Emptees designs of 2010?