2009 is Gonna be Great!

January 2, 2009

I’d just like to point out that T-Shirt Magazine issue #41 is the first issue of the new year! And this is the first blog post of the new year, too! We have big plans for T-Shirt Magazine this year so get ready for some great things to come. We’re not gonna tell you the details to the great things to come just yet, but let’s just say it has something to do with A LOT of FREE T-SHIRTS being given out, original video content, more community involvement, cooler articles, and a lot more cool stuff going on. Get ready for the new year!

…by the way, that image up there is an picture of Alex Warren, winner of the Tee Maniacs contest we held back in June-August 2008. Stay tuned for Tee Maniacs 2!