As 2015 reaches it’s peak, we highlight t-shirt brands that have been kicking ass this year. These companies offer creative t-shirt designs, excellent branding, and have exercised great marketing practices. Whether you’re looking for something comical or laid back and cool, you’re sure to find something special from these 5 brands.



Miami based streetwear brand 8&9 continues to be cream of the crop. Established in 2001, 8&9 combines pop culture references and on-trend sneaker color-ways infused with Miami street scene. The brand remains a best seller on Kazbah and is stocked in over 250 stores worldwide. An all-time fan favorite, the 2011 Bordeaux 7 Pookie t-shirt made a return this month in a remixed edition. We’re excited to see what else the brand has in store this year!


blkkangaroo btw


BLKKANGAROO has been killing it this year with their statement pieces. Through the use of African aesthetics and doses of pop culture, BLKKANGAROO creates head turning products. Unisex kaftans and oversized t-shirts with large graphic prints can be seen throughout their Spring/Summer 2015 BLKKMARKET Collection. BLKKANGAROO is shaking up the way we see t-shirts. Stay tuned for more compelling work from the brand.


snorkell btw

Chomp Brand

CHOMP is a breath of fresh air. Created in Southern California, CHOMP celebrates fun summer activities like surfing, snorkeling and eating the cheesiest of pizzas. CHOMP is A1 when it comes to branding and eye catching product shots. Punchy pink backdrops and peculiar hands holding t-shirts make you want to grab the product right out of the screen! Expect to see more rad stuff from CHOMP this year.



Broke and Stoked

Sometimes you just need to take it easy and have a drink! Broke and Stoked highlights the joys and consequences of living a worry free life in dark humor graphic tees. The grim reaper and surfing skeletons make appearances on witty phrase t-shirts featuring art by Edith Boucher. After being launched for just a couple of months, Broke and Stoked already has a growing fan club of honorary drinking mates celebrating with their fast selling “Drinking Club” patches.



Ninety One Brand

Embracing graffiti culture and the thrill of tagging, 91 Brand takes us back to the art of bombing by applying the concept to clothing. All 91 Brand tees are hand crafted in America. To create a fun and unique customer experience, 91 Brand encourages customers to send in their old/new tees for a custom 91 Brand logo bomb. Look out for their Fall 2015 Collection!


The long time established brand owners serve as inspiration to existing and aspiring designers. But it’s amazing seeing how fierce the emerging brands are tackling the industry as well. Much props to all the indie designers successfully entering the t-shirt game. Are you waiting to be discovered? Or know any dope brands out there? Let us know and we’ll check them out –> SUBMIT