5 Big Events of T-Shirt Magazine Year 1

March 21, 2009

As T-Shirt Magazine celebrates a year in operation, we decide to highlight some big events of T-Shirt Magazine’s first year. Basically the time period after T-Mag’s first issue release (March 21, 2008) and before T-Mag’s 52th issue release (today, March 21, 2009). Ranging from political events to pop culture, these events made headlines and had everybody’s attention. Check ’em out.

Obama Wins Election
Whether you supported Obama or not, you gotta admit that his victory in the presidential election was one of the greatest moments of all time in U.S. History. My eyes were glued to the TV while watching the polls to see who’d win the election. My whole family was happy that Obama won, and my mom was dancing and clapping (you shoulda saw her). Things just felt magical on that day. A few days before Obama won the election, we “predicted” his victory in our article Coolest Obama T-Shirts.

Obama Inauguration
A few months after Obama’s victory was his inauguration, the day when he was sworn in as 44th president of the United States. It was a day of celebration. The parade was wonderful and Washington had over a million visitors to witness this historic event. But people were also paying attention to things like Michelle Obama’s outfits and the performances at the inaugural ball. I found it cool that Jay-Z actually performed there, and Nick Cannon was the dj.

Wall Street Meltdown
It’s pretty ironic how I took this image of the Wall Street bull when I’m talking about the Wall Street meltdown. It sure ain’t no bull market now! Since the start of 2008 (possibly earlier as some people are saying) America has been sliding into a recession. The stock market goes bad, then the housing market goes bad, then the auto industry “Big 3″…what is going on!? Obama and his team are doing what they can to fix the economy with the nearly $800 billion dollar stimulus bill. I believe in a time like this, the government does need to intervene and help…but what the hell are those AIG guys doing! ?

Chris Brown Assaults Rihanna

Now I’ll admit, I’m more of a Chris Brown fan than Rihanna, and you can still catch me listening to a song featuring Chtis Brown like ‘Stuntin is a Habit’, but I still think what Chris Brown did was just disgraceful. Yeah, she shouldn’t have thrown your car keys as some reports stated, but you didn’t have to go all out on her and leave her unconcious. Weeks after the incedent, there have been rumors of Chris and Rihanna getting back together and even getting married at Diddy’s house. Now, nobody knows the true story of what happened, but I think Chris did beat up his girl. But I hope things work out some way.

OJ Simpson Finally Gets Arrested
I was like 5 years old when that whole OJ Simpspn trial was going on but I still remember the court cases shown on TV. I din’t really know much about what was going on at the time. As I heard more about the trial and the OJ case years later, I realised that OJ had to have actually killed Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson. Then OJ has the nerve to come out with a fricken book called “If I Didi It”, explaining the “fictional” account of how he murdered them? Now OJ isn’t getting arrested for that case back in 1995 (in which he was found not guilty). He gets arrested for armed robbery and kidnapping in a Las Vegas hotel and is sentenced to  33 years in prison. Finally!