Best 80s Cartoon Theme Songs

May 1, 2009

By Kristine McGlinchey

The 80’s is a decade that has left a permanent mark in mainstream society. Music artists are inspired by it, movies recreate it, fashion imitates it.

Check out why classics never die…

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Simon, Alvin and Theodore were small chipmunks with big dreams. The adorable trio warmed hearts and solicited laughs with their naughty behavior. Each episode taught you a different life lesson, well worth waking up early on Saturday mornings for.


Looking back on it now I see the smurfs represented equality but included less than subtle stereotyping. There was all kinds of smurfs, a smart one, a gay one (who never let a mirror down), a dumb one, and of course the scandalous Smurfette. This was a cartoon that was definitely before its time.

Ghost Busters

Ghostbusters is my absolute favorite cartoon of all time. If it were still on I’d wake up early every Saturday morning to watch it. Nothing compares to the crazy antics of Slimer and the gang. If only fighting ghosts and the Marshmallow man were a real career!


“Transformers, robots in disguise!” This cartoon is nothing compared to the new school renditions! Proof that there were awesome action sequences long before HD came around. Eat your heart out, Shia LeBouef and Megan Fox; you can’t beat a classic!


Heathcliff makes Garfield look like a softie. Heathcliff had a secret hangout at a junkyard where he would eat stolen fish and swoon over his feline girlfriend. He was street savvy, smooth and always talked his way out of trouble. By the way he was also in some kind of cat street gang, not a good look for today’s cartoons!