All For Love

February 27, 2009

By Coty Gonzales

Matt Rupp founded All For Love Apparel in 2007 and runs the day-to-day operations at All For Love, a brand whose main goal is to provide affordable clothing that is fun, creative and inspiring to all those out there who have a heart and positive outlook on life. You can’t help but smile when you an All For Love design.


CG: You have an obvious love for New Jersey, with the proof being your ‘I
(heart) NJ tee, tell us a little about your passion for New Jersey.

I was born and raised for the first 18 years of my life in New Jersey. Its a notorious state that you can’t help but love no matter what! The pride that comes from NJ natives is unlike any other state.

CG: How did All For Love Apparel come about? What inspired you to get it started?

MR: All For Love was started when I realized I had a message that I really wanted to get out to the world. Art has been in my life since I was a baby and I had a dream I wanted to pursue. All For Love was my road to that dream.

CG: What are some things that Matt Rupp loves, other than t-shirts and graphic design?

MR: I am very passionate about anything that interests or intrigues me. Besides tees and design, I am into astronomy, astrology, Ancient Egypt, the human mind and every form of art from photography to poetry to cinematography. I love everything that surrounds me in one way or another.

CG: Your Totally Rad tee is definitely a throwback to 80’s design. Why do you think the 80’s is all of a sudden popular again?

MR: Absolutely! Fashion has a way of being recycled through the generations. I believe that those who would wear hand-me-down and thrift shop clothing brought back the 80s trend. The 80s fashion is one of those things you may not take seriously at first because of its bright and flashy essence. Once you give in and wear a neon shirt, you realize how fun and alive it is.

Image of I <3 NJ *CLEARANCE* Image of "LOVE" Tote Bag *CLEARANCE*

CG: You sponsor a couple of bands, are these bands ones that you already knew of and reached out to or did they come to you because they liked your product?

MR: The bands I sponsor are talented musicians, as well as great individuals that I feel would do a great job representing what my company is about. Bands such as The Title ( are best friends of mine from back home. They started the band the same time I started All For Love and we have grown very rapidly in the past year. Also, there are many bands who contact me wanting to be sponsored. Since I am only one man running this entire company– I cannot afford to sponsor them all, though I offer a very generous endorsement for all who would like to be a part of the family!

CG: Based on your MySpace, you have an incredible love for music. Who are some of you favorite bands (other than the ones you sponsor)?

MR: Music is a huge inspiration to my work and affects me immensely. Some of my favorite musicians are John Lennon/The Beatles, Radiohead, Sublime, Sufjan Stephens, Muse, The Mars Volta and anything Mike Patton is involved in. Quite a variety to say the least.

CG: What has been the most useful thing you think you’ve done to promote/market your brand All For Love Apparel?

MR: The most useful thing I have done to spread the word about All For Love is simple: being personable and friendly with customers. People really enjoy knowing there is a real person behind the company who cares about those who support it. By creating friendships with customers, a community is created that spreads from one friend to another. There is not a better marketing device than a walking billboard.

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