Moustapha Camara


Camilla D’Errico

As a painter, illustrator, comic book artist and creator, Camilla D'Errico is truly a talented and well rounded individual. She realized that she wanted to work...

Teen Entrepreneurs

On T-Shirt Magazine, we have this series of articles called the ‘ Round Table’. T-Shirt designers and entrepreneurs “gather” to discuss a given topic ab...

Costume T-Shirts

On Halloween, there are two categories on opposite ends that people fall under: those who go all out and celebrate Halloween, dressing up in super fancy costume...


WilloToons is the creative venture of well-known designer, illustrator and music lover Willo O’Brien. WilloToons products range from basic designs and funny t...

New York, New York T-Shirts

“New York, New York, the city of dreams…” It’s a frickin fact: New York IS the greatest city in the world. Well then again, that’s coming from a guy who was born in New York and hasn’t traveled outside of the east coast, so I wouldn’t know for sure. But most people would agree with me on my stance. I mean, what can’t you do in New York City? Name something you can’t do in NY and I can point you to a spot in NY where you can do it. With a city so great, you know that people have already made great t-shirts inspired by New York. We’re not talking about the average, touristy, “I Love NY” t-shirts you [...]

Red-tee to Go!

Red is a really bold color that catches everyone’s attention. Stop lights are red, stop signs are red, fire trucks are red, sirens are red…blood is red. Just about anything that is intended to warn you or grab your attention immediately is red. The t-shirts in this article are also red, most likely for the same purpose. Check out these cool attention-grabbing, bold red t-shirts! [...]

Michael Jordan T-Shirts

As we all know, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. MJ has been in the news recently for his induction into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame and for becoming the first athlete to reach $1 billion in annual sales, with his Nike affiliated Jordan brand. From being named rookie of the year in the 1984-85 season to leading the Chicago Bulls to 6 NBA championship titles, Jordan has accomplished a lot during his career, winning the hearts of many. As a magazine about t-shirts, we had to honor Michael Jordan by showcasing cool Michael Jordan t-shirts. Check ‘em out![...]

National Scene: Oregon

Oregon is one of those states that we here on the east coast easily forget about. The only thing that I know about Oregon is that the Portland Trail Blazers are...

Las Vegas Stripwalker

The Las Vegas strip is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. According to the Las Vegas Sun, on average, 17,700 people are walking on the Strip at any given hour on any given day. A man by the name of Dan Strong plans to go on a bold mission of hitting the Strip every single day of the year 2010, wearing a different shirt every day to promote different companies. I interview Dan about his upcoming journey as the Las Vegas Stripwalker. MC: What made you decide to follow in the footsteps of Jason Sadler (of I Wear Your Shirt) and become the ‘Las Vegas Stripwalker’? DS: When I first saw IWYS this summer I was so thoroughly impressed with Jason’s idea and I kept thinking about how cool it would be to try something similar. Besides, I am always looking for [...]

Winning T-Shirt Design

On T-Shirt Magazine, we have this new series of articles called the 'T-Shirt Magazine Round Table'. T-Shirt designers and entrepreneurs "gather" to discuss a gi...


Finroo is a clothing brand that produces t-shirts printed in limited quantities, where every garment is numbered. “The chances of you seeing someone wearing the same design are slim to none”, according the people of Finroo as stated in their about section. The t-shirt designs are created by artists who submit [...]


We interview Samantha of Waffles+Falafels. TM: How did Waffles+Falafels begin? What's the story behind the brand? WF: The creator of Waffles+Falafels is...