Las Vegas Stripwalker

The Las Vegas strip is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. According to the Las Vegas Sun, on average, 17,700 people are walking on the Strip at any given hour on any given day. A man by the name of Dan Strong plans to go on a bold mission of hitting the Strip every single day of the year 2010, wearing a different shirt every day to promote different companies.

I interview Dan about his upcoming journey as the Las Vegas Stripwalker.

MC: What made you decide to follow in the footsteps of Jason Sadler (of I Wear Your Shirt) and become the ‘Las Vegas Stripwalker’?

DS: When I first saw IWYS this summer I was so thoroughly impressed with Jason’s idea and I kept thinking about how cool it would be to try something similar. Besides, I am always looking for […]



Finroo is a clothing brand that produces t-shirts printed in limited quantities, where every garment is numbered. “The chances of you seeing someone wearing the same design are slim to none”, according the people of Finroo as stated in their about section. The t-shirt designs are created by artists who submit […]



We interview Samantha of Waffles+Falafels. TM: How did Waffles+Falafels begin? What’s the story behind the brand? WF: The creator of Waffles+Falafels is nicknamed “waffles”. Falafels is some cat we know. […]