Awesome Movie Based T-Shirts

Sometimes it’s hard to find great movie based t-shirts. A lot them are watered down, mass-produced, money makers that aren’t created by people who actually love the movie and are making the shirt as a tribute. When looking to buy a great movie based shirt, there are many things to consider. One is, how creative it is. Often times “Mashup” movie designs are very unique and say a lot about the person wearing them.

Unusual Suspects
Here is a great Mashup movie shirt of The Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Usual Suspects, two really good movies.

You can find this shirt, and a lot of other great prints at


Addict At-At

One of the hardest shirts to come by is a really great Star Wars tee shirt. So many companies have made Star Wars tees, and a lot of them don’t say anything about the person wearing them other than, “I’m a fan of Star Wars.” But here is a really great link to some limited edition Star Wars shirts made by Addict.


For all you Batman, Dark Knight Rises fanatics, here is an awesome Bane shirt. You can find other great ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ tees at All of these designs were created for a contest and Christopher Nolan himself picked the winner.

Animal T-Shirt

The Hundreds recently released a cool Animal House T-Shirt. Get one here.

It’s always great to have a movie themed shirt that has something with in the movie on it. These shirts always let people know you pay special attention to the details and have seen the movie over a dozen times. For all you Back to the Future fans, this is a great one. A great design with nice colors by

Slippin T-Shirt
Here is an interesting take on the infamous alley scene from “Boyz N the Hood”.  It has a nice urban, graffiti feel to it by the guys at Coup Street. Check it out!

Donnie Darko T-shirt
Rocking t-shirts based on dope independent films is always a plus. It definitely lets people know what you are into. So having a Donnie Darko t-shirt in your collection is a must. Get one. But watch the movie first of course, otherwise you’d just be posing.

Mr. Miyagy T-Shirt
And finally, no collection of movie themed shirts is complete without a dope Mr. Miyagi shirt. Good ones are hard to find, but this one has some nice colors in it.

Well there you have it. Some nice, creative and colorful movie themed t-shirts. Enjoy!