Behind The Seams: Babes & Gents S/S ’14 Lookbook

Canadian brand Babes & Gents just dropped their Spring/Summer 2014 look book and product line for gents, which consists of a variety of tees and tanks honoring the brand’s home town. Amir Zargari takes you behind the scenes of that look book shoot to give you an inside look at the making of the final product.

This is Amir, the owner of Babes & Gents Clothing (launched on July 8th, 2013) from Ottawa, Canada.

We recently shot our new GENTS Spring/Summer Ottawa Collection look-book and this post gives a new dimension to the behind the, hectic and cold, scenes. The concept behind the shoot was fairly simple. Since this was an OTTAWA Collection, I wanted to represent the city in the every shot and that’s how the locations were chosen.

This shoot was originally supposed to feature a female Ottawa artist as well, but after she cancelled for the 2nd week in a row, we decided to shoot the GENTS and BABES look-books for Spring/Summer 2014 separately.

In the morning, we had everyone come to my CFO/partner’s basement (Paul) to get their make-up + hair done.

After everyone was ready to go, I had Paul driving half the people in his car, and I took a cab to take the rest of the crew. Our first location was at a Graffiti wall in Ottawa. we had some cool props + poses for this one, and since it was way too cold, we had to make sure that we get the poses + angels right before we get the models/artists to take off their jackets.

The reason that I chose this location for “Homies Ottawa” was simply because to me it represented the saying at its best.

The final pic came out like this:

Heading to the next location:

Our second location was in front of the Parliament of Canada where there are usually a lot of people, who were all photoshoped out. This location was key, simply because we were shooting the front cover, back cover and another look-book pic there. Everything went smoothly at the parliament and here are the final shots that made the look-book.

Front Cover:

Back Cover:

And the other look-book pic:

Our third location was a music studio (OD Music), which had an amazing view of the parliament in the background, and represented the “Ballin Ottawa” well. Here is the final pic that was chosen from that location.

Here are a few other pics from the same location that didn’t make the look-book.

At this point we were rushing so fast, because our photographer had another photo-shoot at 2:30 P.M. and one of our artists/model was shooting his music video at 3 p.m. , and it was already 215 P.M. For the last shot, we only had a few minutes to pull it together, but it still came out great. The last shot was also shot outside, by an old military vehicle in front of the mayor’s office in Ottawa.

Here is the final shot:

By far the quickest shoot that I’ve ever done and the most efficient.
Feel free to check out the whole look-book here: GENTS Spring/Summer Ottawa Collection look-book

And stay tuned for our BABES look-book which is dropping this week (or it might already be up by the time this article comes out, so come check out: to make sure u didn’t miss anything).

Here is group shot we took at the end:

Also stay tuned for the behind the scenes video of this shoot:

Lots of Love,
-Amir :D

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