Baseball T-Shirts

April 10, 2009

By Latrice W.

Baseball has always had their ups and downs. In the 18th century there was just amateurs playing their own little game with improv equipment throughout the time. As the hype grew, it inspired professional clubs to be founded in 1860s. American newspapers started to call Baseball, the “National Pastime.” Then in the in 20th century there was the “Dead-ball Era” where baseball was a lot more violent and aggressive. Thanks to more strict rules and laws, it became safer by the end of the 1920’s.

Baseball players even went on a strike in 1994, but ended the strike in Spring of 1995. Today, baseball is still facing more ups and downs over who is taking what, or who’s time is up at their last strike at the sport. Baseball, one of many people’s favorite pastime, can be found all over the world. People all around the globe have a favorite team. Even those that do not follow the sport, can still find themselves in a baseball t-shirt, either because of the color, state, or even the design that catches ones eye upon looking for something that fits their persona and style. Just make sure that when you are wearing a baseball t-shirt, please know some history behind the team (in case someone should ask you).

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