April 4, 2008

This week we take a look at indie clothing label/magazine ‘Beautiful/Decay. Read all about it and check out the videos to see the artists talk about the label. Beautiful/Decay info via

Beautiful/Decay was started in Virginia in1996 by founders Amir Fallah and Jay Littleton back when they were in high school. It started off as a black and white zine. It’s pretty cool that they began this in high school for fun and now, 12 years later, bigger and better than ever, Beautiful/Decay has become their full time jobs. The name comes from a quote from a graffiti zine and Amir felt that it properly described art and underground culture. Beautiful/Decay Magazine has evolved from a small scale black and white zine to an internationally distributed magazine. The founders of Beautiful/Decay have also expanded the company to other art related things, like gallery shows, books, and a limited edition apparel line.

Beautiful/Decay was founded on the theory that “if you can’t find it, make it.” The magazine’s format is revolutionary in that it documents the convergence of fine art, graffiti, design, fashion, music, and other contemporary forms of art. The magazine prides itself in exposing its diverse readership to media, ideas, and creative expressions that are not juxtaposed in any other independent publication. Over the last decade, B/D has garnered a reputation for breaking never-before-seen artists, covering fine art with a youthful and informed point of view, and acting as the go-to handbook for creative directors, curators, collectors, artists, designers, and musicians on the cutting edge. Check out some of the past few Beautiful/Decay Magazine covers:

Beautiful/Decay created an artist-designed apparel line in early 2006. The founders have made an effort to support emerging and established artists through the publication. As an example, each of the artists whose work is featured on the magazine’s highly successful, one-of-a-kind T-shirts has previously contributed to B/D, creating a line that acts as wearable art The shirts are available online ( and at high-end boutiques worldwide.

The Beautiful/Decay online store has quickly become the prime destination for shoppers seeking artist-designed products, limited-edition fashion collaborations, and art collectibles. The store stocks everything from magazines, posters, and books to fashion accessories, T-shirts, and designer toys from art-based companies and the inventory is constantly expanded with new items, delivering only the freshest products.

In keeping with Beautiful/Decay’s commitment to supporting nascent voices in the creative community, Beautiful/Decay has chosen a dynamic group of ten emerging artists from the Los Angeles area to participate. This selection of artists visualizes the eclectic nature of the city’s artistic landscape. Through this rich sampling from a wide array of divergent media, Beautiful/Decay gives visual form to its conception of contemporary artistic practice. These diverse cross-sections are unified by an overarching dedication to innovative aesthetics. Beautiful/Decay is pleased to present this roster of breaking talent to the east coast.