Best T-Shirt Shops in California

California is known for a lot of things. They have Hollywood. They have excessive heat. They have Disneyland and its magically delicious churros. They have irritating commercials that star a governor that once played the role of “Muscleman” in a movie called “The San Pedro Beach Bums.” Californians also wear t-shirts all the time, and all the cool people flock to these t-shirt hot spots with tee designs that are too cool for school.

D-Structure (San Francisco)

D-Structure is a combination shirt store/art gallery located in the Lower Haight neighborhood. With designs ranging from an undead Donald Duck to a psychedelic pink tree, D-Structure tries to create an art community with both their designs and products, often hosting events for men and women in their mid-twenties/early thirties who want to socialize with like-minded new age art lovers and/or flirt with girls who dig t-shirts.

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Armory Hip Hop Shop (San Diego)

Although they still don’t seem to sell any chain mail or Viking helmets, the Armory Hip Hop Shop in San Diego is one of the only SD stores with unique hip hop inspired clothing for the urban gangsta inside you. Their t-shirts have the standard graffiti style that is popular in the industry, but they also have an artistic flavor that makes their designs more unique than any random urban clothing store you find in some mall.

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Johnny Cupcakes (Los Angeles)

There are two things in life that are truly important. Obviously the first is t-shirts. All empirical studies suggest that the meaning of life is the creation and/or purchase of amazing shirt designs. Ask any religion and they’ll tell you the same thing. But a close second, of course, is cupcakes and all their overpriced goodness. So any place that manages to sell both cupcakes and awesome t-shirts has to be one of the best spots for t-shirts in the state, quite possibly the world. That is why if you’re in Los Angeles, you should stop by Johnny Cupcakes – a 24 hour cupcake/shirt store with colorful pop culture designs including, but not limited to, a cupcake skull and crossbones. The perfect shirt to be buried in? Quite possibly yes.

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Getting Your T-Shirt Roll On

These days you can find almost anything you want online. T-shirts are clearly no exception. Yet that doesn’t mean that your local designers and brands don’t have something to offer. Check out the t-shirt spots in your area and you may find the perfect designs that you’ve been searching for.