I freakin’ love martial arts. It’s the ultimate mashup of brains & brawn. True story, I saw a 300-pound dude pull off a Capoeira flip clear over his own head at a party and I was like, ‘where do I sign up?’ So its my first day of class and I’m stretching, limbering up and what not when the instructor and his assistant walk into the room. And the assistant, people I sh*t you not, had no arms and no legs. Yes, yes I just said NO ARMS and NO LEGS (@!*#?). You could almost hear the jaws slapping against the ground. However, this little badass left no time for any gawking. He jumped right it and started dropping commands, ‘Follow me’, he says. He spun, he flipped, he jumped…he was one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen in my life. Moral of the story is, Martial Arts can inspire you to conquer pretty much anything, including having no limbs or launching your own t-shirt brand. Thus I’m happy to present another Brazilian export (based in Guam), newly launched brand, Competidor specializes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu -centric streetwear. They said it themselves, “Established on the mats and proven on the streets.” Check it out: