Brands to Watch: 2 Many Printers

2 Many Printers, started in 2011, has just released another round of tees and sweatshirts worth checking out. I’m telling you now, if they can manage to keep up their release schedule and the quality of work, I’m predicting this brand really takes off in the next few years. Though their model of handpicking a band of independent artists is tried and true, 2 Many Printers has gotten some really great finds under their radar; not just a local scoop of what’s available. This batch features the London’s Panther Club, a collective of artists who seek out and create a variety of projects spanning mixtapes, installations, magazines, prints, and even radio over the web. Or even the choice on this release of Japan’s Michael Thorsby aka PMKFA, political writer, artist and director à la Kapuściński, is a worthy find. Checking out their blog, you can see why their inspiration creek is flowing strong; a trip booked for Tokyo, alongside photos of Egypt and Greece, a set of Juxtapoz features here, and some new design mock-ups there. Early adopters VICE and Urban Outfitters have already taken notice – a sign of things to come in my book. Oh, and did I mention? You get a copy Fun Mag with every purchase, a cult classic in the making.












































































(PS However, you ALREADY know how I feel about these models)