Building a Great Online Shop

So you’re jumping into the t-shirt business and you’ve gotten past the production stage. Got a few t-shirts designed and printed and now comes the hard part. Selling them online. Like most t-shirt brands, you’re definitely gonna have to open on online shop. Building a great online shop is not an easy task.

For starters, offer products that are high quality. Only your best t-shirts should be up for sale. Don’t settle for trying to sell tees even you wouldn’t wear.

You should also know your customer very well. The easiest way to sell t-shirts is to have a good idea of the psychological factors that would turn a visitor into a customer, and knowing your customers well gives you a head start.

Customer experience is one of the most important things to consider. Your shop should be memorable for positive reasons.

But don’t just take our word for it…

Here’s what Derek of had to say:

In my opinion several elements make a great online shop;

Great Shirts; This is primary. The whole reason for an online shop to exist is to sell t-shirts. If the designs aren’t fresh, interesting, innovative, and printed on quality stock then forget it. They won’t stick around to experience the rest of the shop.

Easy checkout; The faster and easier it is for someone to checkout, the faster and easier it is to have a new customer. This should be as short and painless as possible. used paypal’s express checkout for people who want to cut to the chase and not fill out address forms.

Great Customer service; It should be super easy for a customer to follow up on an order, if they need an exchange, refund or just want to know the status.

Check out Derek’s shop:


Here’s what Deny of says:

Usability is key – our customers want to see the product and easily browse through it. At New Leaf, we show our designs as a graphic along with the printed shirt. Because we use the whole tee as a canvas, the photograph of the shirt is important in that it gives ours customers an idea of how the art is positioned and how the shirt looks on them. We also have an information column containing design name, concept, color, and cost. Making things easy and convenient allows our customers to not lose focus on what they came for, New Leaf designs.

Check out Deny’s shop:

On your journey to building a great shop, keep your goals in mind. Keep persistent, set your eye on the prize, and have fun!

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