When art school kids go into business for themselves, it can go generally one of two ways. You’ve got your comedians, the art-heads who satire the world around them to incite their own personal giggle fit. Then you have the Artistes who take themselves very serious. I’m talkin’ incense clogged drum circles to make portraits of their spirit animals serious. Now if you are the sarcastic gem that I am, that is just gold. So in comes the Fall 2011 collection of Boro to the T-shirt Magazine inbox. I’m checkin’ out their line, I’m diggin’ it, and then I stumble on their ‘concept description’: “BORO, since 2008, 101% made in Italy.” You can only get that extra 1% from fine handcrafted goods in Italy you know. “After remixing the pop icon Bill Cosby, after exploring the universe of alternative dancefloors and after investigating the suggestive mysteries of the Cosmos, the F-w 2011 concept is: ~Leoni di Marmo~ (i.e.: ~Marble Lions~ ).” I know man, Bill Cosby is totally deep, deep like statuary. Check out the new line, quantum-pudding aside, it is pretty sweet.