What makes a great tee? Google will give you about half a billion answers to that question, but to acquiesce to the recent post of a blogger/brander not just any old schlop should qualify for that title. For me, a piece that really qualifys as great streetwear has got to grab you in the gut. You should be offended, you should curse – you should be unable to turn away. And if you have good taste, a little digging will tell you just why you couldn’t condemn a particular t-shirt to the annals of uninteresting passer-by fashion and boring web. My initial reactions to the Don’t Tell My Tailor new Classy Thinks collection were as follows: “WTFragglerock”, “Really, Really?” and when we hit the Bambi tee, “F***, that’s just wrong.” And that’s what makes it so right. Not only is this brand taking streetwear up a notch and back a century or two by custom manufacturing each shirt in their Parisian Atelier, but Walt Disney was a sadistic a**hole who deserves to have his accumulating sugary-sweet veil of dust blown away every now and again. Remember, he made your two-year-old imagine Bambi’s Mom taking two slugs to the face.  Nuff said.