What the hell is this crap? I look at this and my initial reaction is that I’d better find my cellphone because Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have just body snatched my 16-year-old cousin and her mother should know about it. But then, suddenly, the kid inside of me who raved in the 1990’s wrenches out of the depths and screams, “YESSSSSSSSSSS” (glowsticks in tandem). After placing that one firmly back in check, I’ve got to agree that there is something of the flair from back when coming full circle in these tees. Not to mention a good bit of sport reading into the innuendo of ‘Over Easy’. Before I know it, I’m hooked. And yes, dammit, I read their Tumblr and it rrrrruled (see below). Check out the Winter 2011 line of Petals + Peacocks here.