Acronyms in this industry hold a lot of clout; brands like LRG and HUF are veritable establishments at this point. I’ve got to say the best part of coining an acronym for your brand is the innuendo speculation. All Day Long I Dream About S______. Uh huh (little known fact, Adidas is actually a ‘backronym’). Fresh out of the gate Urban Natured Clothing, logoed as UN, has even spawned a subcronym. CRG for the City Raised Group. Though the meaning was set to create a blanket unification between anyone raised in an urban environment, the possibilities are endless. Just think, as this brand progresses, anyone Googling ‘UN’ will come across a tiger on a throne tokin’ a dube (I’ll leave it to you to determine whether that’s too terribly adrift from the truth). And CRG, well that sounds like the winning ticker if Craigslist ever goes public. Check out UN’s freshly minted CRG release here.

My private stock looks very similar…

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