July 25, 2008

Shop or Create What’s on Your Mind at CafePress

Bottom line:

You get your own e-shop, you can upload your own designs, you get to make your own merchandise and you set your own mark ups. What more can you ask for? It’s simple. Choose from the products they have available on the site and customize them with your own images, photos, or phrases and voila!

Cafepress offers a wide variety of products compared to some other sites you might have seen, so your product line isn’t limited. Of course, you can still choose which products you want to sell in your shop. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone thinking about starting a clothing line. Test your designs out in your Cafepress shop first to see if they’ll sell, or run your business entirely on Cafepress.

Cafepress lets you customize t-shirts, sweaters, caps, mugs, calendars, clocks, and even lets you self publish books. Plus, it’s a print-on-demand service, so your products are made once someone places an order. You don’t have to order in bulk! You also get a check once you reach a limited check amount ($50, $100, or $250) for the month.
Find or Create Pet T-shirts @ CafePress Find or Create Hiliarious Merchandise at CafePress
Here’s a more precise breakdown of what Cafepress does:

-Gives you a FREE online shop to promote your products

-Produces each item when ordered using their unique print-on-demand technology

-Handles all payment transactions including major credit cards

-Ships your products worldwide

-Manages all returns/exchanges

-Offers customer service via toll-free phone and email

-Sends you a monthly check for your earnings on sales!

(Source:  CafePress)

How to start:

Just sign up at Shop or Create What’s on Your Mind at CafePress .It takes about five minutes.

Start up cost: A basic shop with Cafepress is FREE. With a basic account you can only make one of each product, but you get to upload different designs for different products. A premium shop with Cafepress costs $59.95 a year. With a premium shop you can customize unlimited products with unlimited designs.

Pros: Free online shop, print-on-demand, wide variety. You get your own storefront plus your products are featured in the Cafepress marketplace.

Cons: You can’t create large or all over designs on the clothing, and some of the products base prices are kind of high. Also, you don’t receive a check until 45 days after you reach your set limited check amount.

Check out CafePress for yourself and see how u like it. After all, it’s free to start, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.