T-shirts can be a powerful form of written protest, nothing quite hits the message home like slappin’ it on your body and going out in public. “Yup, this is how I feel. You don’t like it? Well I’m right here – let’s tango.” The medium once again comes to the rescue as the heat of the Republo-Christian Witch Hunt against the gay community flares up as we near election day. In November 2011, Michigan passed a bill entitled “Matt’s Safe School Law” named for Matt Epling, an eighth grade student who received such a steady stream of terrifying anti-gay threats from classmates that he was driven to suicide in 2002. The goal of the bill was to hold bullies accountable for their actions and prevent further abuse when crimes were reported, however the Republicans pulled off a veritable moral back-flip, passing a loophole that allows students, teachers, and other school employees to justify their harassment if they claim “a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction”. You have got to be sh*tting me. So essentially, anyone from the janitor to the twerp next door can now physically and emotionally torture children to the point of suicide as long as they hold a cross while they do it? Orly? Well um, these guys obviously do not know the gay community because any queen, lesbian, gay, trans or etcetera will be damned if they let one of those harpies pick on one of their own. Luke Montgomery, founder of the adult-speed FCKH8 productions, has now spawned the cub scouts version, For every pro-gay T-shirt purchased, H8SUX will donate an OK4U2BGAY tee to a teen, for every like, tweet, or follow 10 cents gets donated to the campaign. And so help you H8rs, for every request or report of abuse Luke is going to hit the gas on his big fat Pink school bus and park it out front of that school to distribute thousands of pro-gay t-shirts and other paraphernalia. He will probably also have a megaphone, oh yes, the megaphone comes too.