Cashletes is a clothing company specializing in streetwear clothing for financial champions. We’re all striving to be successful and earn good incomes, so what better way to show that we’re working hard for the money than with official merchandise of the Financial Champions League? There are presently four teams within the FCL: the California Rushers, the New York Paper Chasers, the Atlanta Bank Heads, and the Washington Dead Presidents. At Cashletes, you will find t-shirts, outerwear, and accessories to represent your favorite money-making team.

I interview Cashletes co-founder, AJ Camara to get the inside scoop about the brand.

“A ‘cashlete’ is a person who is trained or skilled at money-making and contends for massive wealth on a journey to higher earning.”

BM: When was Cashletes born and where did the idea come from?

AC: I began developing the idea of Cashletes early 2009 and finally launched it by Spring. The brand started as a way to deliver the idea of the competition for wealth in the form of sports inspired merchandise. We’ve always been business minded and were always fans of sports, so the idea of a money themed sports league came natural. The brand also comments on the money side of the sports world; I mean you’ve got hundreds of sports teams tossing around a ball, but what are they really doing? Competing for money! Which is what we all do every day.

BM: For those who aren’t familiar with the term, would you mind explaining what being a “cashlete” means?

AC: A “cashlete” is a person who is trained or skilled at money-making and contends for massive wealth on a journey to higher earning. Anyone who plans on becoming wealthy one day will become a cashlete at some point in their life. If you have no plans of building your wealth and are content with being broke, then this brand is not for you.

BM: In your view, how is money-making paralleled to sports?

AC: The way I see it, the same principles and concepts of sport can be applied to the art of money-making. Five principles of a champion are coaching, teamwork, position, competition, and championship. These exist in both athletics and the practice of building wealth.

BM: I see that there are currently four teams in the Financial Champions League. Could you describe what each one represents?

AC: In general they all represent the same kind of money minded individual. The team names and mascots give an idea of what each specific represent. The Paper Chasers represent those on a constant money chase always looking for ways to make money. The Bank Heads represent those addicted to the bank, whether its going to the bank to cash checks or building on their account balance. The Rushers stands for ‘gold rushers’ and represent those who go for the gold, whether it be their financial goal or material luxuries. The Dead Presidents represent dollar bills and everyone who aims to collect as many dead presidents as they possibly can. Its pretty simple and even a little cheesy but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

BM: Which team do you belong to?

AC: I belong to every team, of course.

BM: How do you decide what to name different teams or what cities they belong to?

AC: We have alot of fun trying to decide on funky names relate to something about each city or state. For example, Bankhead is actually the name of an area of Atlanta, so the name Atlanta Bank Heads fits perfectly. The California gold rush of 1849 was inspiration for the California Rushers. And so on and so fourth.

BM: Do your customers purchase goods for one team or do you see them picking up gear for multiple teams? Along this note, what are your most popular pieces?

AC: Our customers are surprisingly not biased when it comes to the team merchandise. We have people from New York buying Bank Heads stuff, people from Beijing who are fans of the Rushers, and then some people who like every team. Our most popular team has been the Paper Chasers though.

BM: I’ve noticed that Cashletes tees are quite unique in that their size and care labels are stitched onto the outside corner of the shirt. What is the reason behind this unconventional placement?

AC: We draw inspiration from professional sportswear, and if you look at a jersey you’ll notice a label stitched in that same location.

BM:  Do you plan on releasing merchandise for new teams soon? What about other types of products, such as jerseys?

AC: We definitely have new teams on the way. The upcoming summer collection is sure to be full of new team merchandise. Our current collection has products ranging from snapback hats and stadium jackets to belts and pennants, and we’ll definitely be expanding on that.

BM: Last but not least, do you have anything else that you would like to share?

AC: T-Shirt Magazine readers can get 15% off with discount code “TMAG” over at, so be sure to take advantage of that!