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T-Shirt Business

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Designing a T-Shirt Collection As A Whole

When developing t-shirt designs, try to think of each idea or design as a part of a collection. Refrain from creating a collection that is all over the place; e...

3 Useful Apps for T-Shirt Brand Owners

Take advantage of useful technology by making good use of these apps and incorporating them into your business strategy. Here's a list of apps that we think eve...

Trade Shows Worth Attending this Year

Any upcoming t-shirt brand owner could benefit greatly from exhibiting at or even just visiting a trade show. With the Imprintable Sportswear Show kicking off t...

5 Sources of T-Shirt Design Inspiration

Have you ever had severe creative block so intense that you couldn't think of a cool t-shirt design to save your life? The frustration can leave you banging you...

A Step-By-Step Guide for Brand Success

Wondering how to start a clothing brand? In order to get to a new destination, you need a map. Consider the following step-by-step plan your map to t-shirt...

Spring Leap $1,000 T-Shirt Contest

Are you an illustrator or designer yearning to flex your creative muscles for cash? Spring Leap is having an Open Theme T-Shirt Design Challenge. The best t...

Black Friday weekend T-shirt Vectors

T-Shirt Factory is a graphic design site that sells sick stock vector designs for t-shirts. They've provided graphics for companies such as Tap Out, Ecko, and N...

Clothing Store Layout Ideas

Online shops are relatively easy to start up and manage, but opening up an actual retail shop in the real world, now that's a big task to take on. Once you work...

Big Cartel Review

Big Cartel is a simple shopping cart solution created for small business owners looking to sell products online. Whether you're selling clothing, artwork, acc...

How to Get Funding For Your Business

What usually comes to mind when people think of getting funding for their business is asking for a bank loan or maxing out on credit cards. The problem with thi...

The Essential Brand Startup Guide

How To Start a Clothing Line I have been receiving hundreds emails from readers since I started writing articles about independent brands and the t-shirt ind...

7 Legal Tips for Your T-Shirt Business

When starting your t-shirt business you might encounter some confusing legal issues that leave you stumped. Can I use this picture in my t-shirt design? Is it o...