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How to Stay Motivated as a Brand Owner

As a brand owner, I’ve noticed that staying positively motivated is an essential mindset for building a successful brand. Let’s face it; the indie clothing...

Picking the Perfect Brand Name

Choosing a brand name is probably the most important decision you will make when launching a clothing line. With so many different brands out there, you want to...

Choosing A Release Date

There is much more to picking a release date for your new line than you might think. When I started Vicious History, I couldn’t have cared less when the relea...

The Cost Of Cotton

Cotton appears to be a real problem! Giles Hobbs, founder of T-Shirt Studio speaks on the rising costs of one of the most useful crops in the world: It's in...

More Tips on Hiring A T-Shirt Designer

Picking the right designers for your t-shirt brand is one of the most important business decisions any brand owner will make. The design is ultimately what will...

Picking the Perfect T-Shirt Blank

Picking the perfect t-shirt blank for your business is an extremely important decision. With so many different options for t-shirt blanks out there, choosin...

10Deep: The Making of A Brand

Scott Sasso, the founder/creative director of the critically acclaimed streetwear brand 10Deep, talks about the origins and the future of the Brooklyn based bra...

Free Big Cartel Theme

In May 2010, Theme Fiend, the first ever Big Cartel themes website was launched. The online shopping platform currently only offers 2 theme options, so unless y...

Choosing the best T-Shirt Packaging

A major factor in the t-shirt selling business is presentation. Presentation of your designs, presentation of your website or storefront, presentation of your p...

How to Price Your T-Shirts

The t-shirt game is a profitable venture once you get the hang of it. One of the major aspects of the business that affect your chances of a good profit is the ...

Teen Entrepreneurs

On T-Shirt Magazine, we have this series of articles called the ‘ Round Table’. T-Shirt designers and entrepreneurs “gather” to discuss a given topic ab...

Winning T-Shirt Design

On T-Shirt Magazine, we have this new series of articles called the 'T-Shirt Magazine Round Table'. T-Shirt designers and entrepreneurs "gather" to discuss a gi...

It’s Bongo Boy: Award Tour Interview

Streetwear and urban culture reporter "Bongo Boy", from, met up with young entrepreneur, Phillip T. Annand to learn how the 19 year old college ...

How to Make Money as an Artist

I never had difficulty making money with art. When I was in elementary school, I used to sell pictures of cartoon characters for a quarter. Then in high school,...

How to Prepare a Line Sheet

When approaching clothing retailers, you'll need, among a few other things, a line sheet to show what your line has to offer. A fashion line sheet is one sheet ...