T-Shirt Business

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How to Price Your T-Shirts

The t-shirt game is a profitable venture once you get the hang of it. One of the major aspects of the business that affect your chances of a good profit is the ...

Teen Entrepreneurs

On T-Shirt Magazine, we have this series of articles called the ‘ Round Table’. T-Shirt designers and entrepreneurs “gather” to discuss a given topic ab...

Winning T-Shirt Design

On T-Shirt Magazine, we have this new series of articles called the 'T-Shirt Magazine Round Table'. T-Shirt designers and entrepreneurs "gather" to discuss a gi...

It’s Bongo Boy: Award Tour Interview

Streetwear and urban culture reporter "Bongo Boy", from itsbongoboy.com, met up with young entrepreneur, Phillip T. Annand to learn how the 19 year old college ...

How to Make Money as an Artist

I never had difficulty making money with art. When I was in elementary school, I used to sell pictures of cartoon characters for a quarter. Then in high school,...

How to Prepare a Line Sheet

When approaching clothing retailers, you'll need, among a few other things, a line sheet to show what your line has to offer. A fashion line sheet is one sheet ...

Creating a Good Brand Description

Describing your brand properly is a necessary skill for building a successful clothing line. Not only does it help clarify what your company is all about, it also shows that the people behind the brand are knowledgeable on what they’re selling and know how to present a great idea. Your brand [...]

Selling Tees Using Twitter

Twitter.com has become very popular in today’s internet world. A February 2009 Compete.com blog entry ranks Twitter as the third largest social network (behind Facebook and MySpace), puts the number of users at roughly 6 million and the number of monthly visitors at 55 million. Those are numbers that are hard [...]

Engaging Your Visitors

When someone gets involved they tend to be more committed to something than someone just passing by. When people interact online they may be doing a multitude things like instant messaging while surfing the web. As a web site owner, you really have no idea whether you have a visitors full [...]

Using Special Offers to Sell Your T-Shirts

As a whole, humans are programmed to avoid loss and danger. Without this basic instinct, the human race would have a difficult time surviving. Subconsciously, humans are constantly watching for cues that might suggest danger or the possibility of experiencing dramatic loss that lead them to flee or evade the problem [...]

Creating a Viral Marketing Campaign

The focus of viral marketing is the fact that it has the ability to replicate itself without any outside assistance. A viral marketing campaign is one which allows and motivates customers who are exposed to the campaign to actively help spread the word themselves. Your customers pass on the word to [...]

Selling Through Social Networking

Some of the most visited sites daily on the internet are various social networks. The largest demographic of these sites are the people who purchase the most tee shirts of any other group. There are many tee shirt brands that have launched to success with just a small beginning presence on [...]

Halloween Promo Tactics

With Halloween approaching, it’s time for all you t-shirt shop owners out there to take advantage of this holiday when it comes to promoting your shop. Here’s some Halloween promo tactics that you can use to boost sales during Halloween time. Have a Halloween discount sale You should have a discount sale on every holiday, [...]

Advanced Strategy to Selling T-Shirts

Plenty of t-shirt sites offer specials. Buy three get one free, free shipping of orders totaling a certain amount, percentage off an order and a bunch of others to increase the amount of the purchase. One method that isn’t seen too often is the standard up sell. Many large online retailers [...]

Promote by Creating a Blog

The Internet has made it extremely easy for anybody who is willing to start a blog for their brand and use it to garner attention for what they are selling. From teenagers to Fortune 500 companies, many have come to the realization that writing a blog can attract attention and generate [...]