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Cashletes is a clothing company specializing in streetwear clothing for financial champions. We’re all striving to be successful and earn good incomes, so wha...


Based out of Seattle, Washington, Jeepney is a well-established brand in the streetwear scene. Borrowing its name from the well-known public transportation veh...

410 BC

If you’ve been following the indie t-shirt scene this past year, then you probably have heard of 410 BC. 410 BC is a clothing company based out of New York th...

Camilla D’Errico

As a painter, illustrator, comic book artist and creator, Camilla D'Errico is truly a talented and well rounded individual. She realized that she wanted to work...


WilloToons is the creative venture of well-known designer, illustrator and music lover Willo O’Brien. WilloToons products range from basic designs and funny t...

Las Vegas Stripwalker

The Las Vegas strip is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. According to the Las Vegas Sun, on average, 17,700 people are walking on the Strip at any given hour on any given day. A man by the name of Dan Strong plans to go on a bold mission of hitting the Strip every single day of the year 2010, wearing a different shirt every day to promote different companies. I interview Dan about his upcoming journey as the Las Vegas Stripwalker. MC: What made you decide to follow in the footsteps of Jason Sadler (of I Wear Your Shirt) and become the ‘Las Vegas Stripwalker’? DS: When I first saw IWYS this summer I was so thoroughly impressed with Jason’s idea and I kept thinking about how cool it would be to try something similar. Besides, I am always looking for [...]


Finroo is a clothing brand that produces t-shirts printed in limited quantities, where every garment is numbered. “The chances of you seeing someone wearing the same design are slim to none”, according the people of Finroo as stated in their about section. The t-shirt designs are created by artists who submit [...]

SHRED Clothing

SHRED Clothing is “badass shirts with amazing illustration printed on the softest shirt known to man”, according to co-founder, Jonathan Kruse. SHRED clothing was actually founded by four guys located across the U.S.; Jon, Eric, Tony, and Ben. I interviewed Jon back in January ’09 (for T-Mag #40), but I decide [...]


Ink-Hound is a t-shirt design contest site in which artists can submit their work to get voted on by visitors of the site, in hopes of getting chosen as the winning design of the week. Ink-Hound also lets designers create designs for hats, which are also sold through the online shop. [...]


Launched in 2002, Terratag is a brand that sells art and apparel with elements of Eastern and Western culture. Although Terratag has been distributed and exhibited worldwide and designed for many commercial clients, such as Sony Playstation and Product IG animation studios, they still consider themselves an underground label. I interview [...]

Rethink Clothing

Rethink Clothing is a “fresh company with intentions of mixing up the clothing world”. The art on the t-shirts are created by college designers across the nation. Some of the profits made from the company go to college artists who submit great designs that are used and sold by Rethink.  In [...]


Bernos is a brand with t-shirt designs based on Afrocentric themes. The Bernos team consists of four designers and business  people who are based in Washington, D.C. (with one of them actually based in Philly), coming together to create a brand that highlights the rich culture of Africa. I interview Nowali [...]

BrandNew Clothing

BrandNew Clothing is an esoteric luxury brand founded by Scotty Taylor, who has been working hard to bring the latest fashions and trends to to his online store. BrandNew strives to deliver an always changing style that revolves around the keen eye of today’s fashion friendly youth. I interview Scotty Taylor [...]

Tee Maniacs Winner: Alex Vandenberg

Websites often have contests (and of course have contest winners), but most of them (if any) never interview the winners of the contests. So for T-Shirt Magazine #64, I decide to interview Alex Vandenberg, winner of T-Shirt Magazine’s second Tee Maniacs contest, sponsored by Threadless[...]

Ban T-Shirts

Ban T-Shirts is a brand that stands for and speaks out about political and social causes. From anti-racism t-shirts to environmentally conscious t-shirts, the brand covers various current and timeless topics. I interview Duncan of Ban T-Shirts to get more info about the brand[...]

Poison Apple

Poison Apple was founded by Mark Lim, a guy who’s “consumed with Googling his own name, playing Scrabble, and getting way too competitive over pointless games”. Lim started the company in 2003 after dropping out of California State University at Fullerton. I somehow stumbled upon his site (not using Stumbleupon), and [...]

Rob Dobi

Rob Dobi is a well known illustrator and designer who owns a t-shirt line called Fullbleed. Graduating from Rhode Island School of Design, Dobi has done several projects as a freelance designer for world recognized clients such as Urban Outfitters and Def Jam Records. I interview Dobi about his work as [...]


After his Japanese Literature professor refused to aid him in improving his writing skills and assisting him in finding Japanese Literature graduate programs, David Murray decided to pursue a different (and better) career path: t-shirt entrepreneurship. Murray created the brand in 2005, and since then, he has exhibited at numerous arts [...]