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80s Tees

80s Tees is an online t-shirt retailer of licensed t-shirts, founded by Kevin Stecko in January 2000. They sell licensed products of popular movies and TV shows such as Star Wars, Family Guy, Shazam, Saved by the Bell, and My Little Pony. I contacted Kevin by e-mail, to get to [...]

Foreign Family

Foreign Family is a Los Angeles based brand that was founded in 2005 by two good friends. Since then, they have continued to build the reputation of their brand and have collaborated with some major players in the independent clothing scene. We had the chance to interview Chad Moon, co-founder of [...]

Monsieur Poulet

I interview Emmanuel Pierson, creator of the French t-shirt brand, Monsieur Poulet. MC: Why did you decide to name your company ‘Monsieur Poulet’ (Mr. Chicken, in english)? EP: Once upon a time, a funny designer (Rachid Baalla was his name) created a strange character, silly, old and funny : Mr Poulet. And when [...]

Glenn Jones

I interview t-shirt designer Glenn Jones, 21-time Threadless champion and owner of t-shirt brand, Glennz Tees. MC: You stated that you have 21 shirts for print on Threadless. That’s awesome! How did you pull this off? Are you secretly an artistic alien from Mars with super powers or what? GJ: Ha, Not sure [...]

STL Style

I interview Jeff Vines, co-creator of the St. Louis pride clothing line, STL Style. MC: Were you cautious about creating a brand focused on representing one city, considering sales potential? What made you decide to create a brand all about St. Louis? JS: Our business began as a labor of love. We [...]

Detour Designables

I interview Juna Duncan of Detour Designables. MC: What made you decide to start your own online t-shirt shop? JD: I’ve always liked designing t-shirts since I was a teenager. My first design was for a Church Youth Activity back in the 80s. In the late 90s I used to submit designs to [...]


I interview Filip Vandewiele, owner of the Belgium t-shirt brand Aaitski! MC: So, what does Aaitski mean? Is it a Belgian word? FV: It’s a universal shout that stands for : “I’m Feeling All Right! Aight!” The diminutive ‘-ski’ gives the name a charming character, in a way that Aaitski! embodies a sweet [...]

Choke Shirt Co.

I interview Matt, co-creator of the clothing line Choke Shirt Co. MC: So, what’s with the name Choke Clothing? CS: One of the most frustrating things for us was trying to come up with a name for the company. There came a point when we had the original designs ready to go and [...]


I interview Lewis Boyce, creator of t-shirt brand Suffoca. MC: So, what’s the general idea behind Suffoca? LB: Suffoca, the feeling when you were a kid and not allowed sugar before bed then sneaking into the kitchen to take a spoon full, later, with eyes open wide and your feet dancing in your [...]

Linty Fresh

After many references to the brand, and the man behind the brand, on T-Shirt Magazine, I finally interview the ‘Exuberant’ Eric Terry, creator of Linty Fresh. MC: It seems that Linty Fresh has come a long way since the past year. I’m surprised we didn’t interview you back in 2008. What would [...]


We interview Jing Liu, lead designer of bamboo clothing brand Juzd. MC: So, what’s the main idea behind the Juzd brand? Explain the concept and why you started the brand. JL: JUZD is short for “Juiced”. JUZD is a state of mind. When you put on the shirt you are JUICED. You reach [...]

Super Good Clothing

We interview Candace, creator of the clothing line, Super Good Clothing. MC: So, what’s with the name, ‘Super Good’? SG: I chose the name “super good” as it’s the phrase I often use in lieu of “awesome” or “great” (although I also use those as well). Shortly before establishing my brand, I [...]

Alex Solis

I interview t-shirt designer Alex Solis about his work as an illustrator and graphic designer. MC: How long have you been creating t-shirt designs? AS: T-shirt designs, I would say, seriously, mid last year, but I’ve been drawing all my life and doing graphic design for a few years,  now as my career. [...]


I interview Jud a.k.a El Presidente, creator of the t-shirt design competition site, Shirt Fight. MC: To start off, the Shirt Fight brand is awesome! How did you think of the idea for Shirt Fight? SF: Thanks, glad you like it! We started with a concept of having shirts battling it out [...]

Universitee Apparel

We interview Taylor Smith, co-founder of Universitee Apparel. TM: How did the idea of Universitees come about? TS: Two of my friends and I created a web/graphic design company called BlokHead Designs. We sold t-shirts at my high school for self promotion. In the end, we sold around 100 shirts and this sparked [...]


We interview Steve Wilson a.k.a SteveOramA, graphic designer from Honolulu, Hawaii. TM: How did you decide on the name ‘SteveOramA' for your personal brand...

Alright OK

April 10, 2009 By Moustapha Camara We interview Ryan K. of AlrightOK. TM: What's with the name AlrightOK? RK: It's basically a combination of words ...
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Random Objects

April 3, 2009 By Moustapha Camara We interview Anthony Simpson of t-shirt brand Random Objects. TM: How did you decide on the name, Random Objects, for your...