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We interview Samantha of Waffles+Falafels. TM: How did Waffles+Falafels begin? What's the story behind the brand? WF: The creator of Waffles+Falafels is...
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Lowdtown Friends & Freaks

April 3, 2009 By Moustapha Camara We interview Ray Masaki of the clothing line, Lowdtown Friends & Freaks. TM: How long have you been in the t-shirt indu...
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Pennant Race

March 27, 2009 By Coty Gonzales Pennant Race is a T-Shirt brand based out of Beaverton, Oregon, that specializes in making T-Shirts that give credit to greatn...

Coty Gonzales

March 21, 2009 By Moustapha Camara Coty Gonzales, owner of t-shirt blog,, has been interviewing many brands featured on T-Shirt Magazine ...
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March 13, 2009 By Coty Gonzales Seventh.Ink is the offspring of Seventhfury and is based out of Liverpool, New York. Seventh.Ink tees are designed by Matthew...

Electric Zombie

March 13, 2009 By Coty Gonzales Kyle Crawford, the founder of Electric Zombie, is no stranger to guts, gore and controversy. In this interview, Kyle t...

Anthony Roe

January 2, 2009 We interview Anthony Roe, founder of Awaken Design Company. TM: What's the idea behind Awaken Design Company? AR: Awaken Design Company...

Kolby Bauswell

March 6, 2009 By Coty Gonzales Kolby Bauswell is an up and coming designer from Atlanta, Georgia. He is an active member of Emptees and has submitted de...

Josh Rittenhouse

March 6, 2009 By Coty Gonzales Coty Gonzales interviews Josh Rittenhouse about his career as a graphic designer. CG: What got you interested in t-shi...
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My Party Shirt

February 27, 2009 By Coty Gonzales My Party Shirt has been creating fun 90's inspired tees since early 2005. In this interview the folks from My Party Shirt ...


February 27, 2009 The Ex-Boyfriend Collection consists of custom made tees and accessories for Men and Women, including silk-screened tees, apparel for infan...
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All For Love

February 27, 2009 By Coty Gonzales Matt Rupp founded All For Love Apparel in 2007 and runs the day-to-day operations at All For Love, a brand whose main goal ...


February 20, 2009 We interview Andrew Cronk of t-shirt design contest site, Cameesa. TM: What made you want to get involved in the t-shirt indust...
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Nick Guenzler

February 20, 2009 By Coty Gonzales Nick Guenzler is a 22 year old graduate of The Art Institute of California who lives and works in Riverside, California. He...
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Origin 68

February 13, 2009 By Coty Gonzales Origin 68 is a clothing brand that was started by two friends in Manchester, England. They work around the clock to deliver...

Liviu Matei

February 13, 2009 By Coty Gonzales Liviu Matei, better known in the design circles as Ez-kun, is a freelance artist from Cluj Napoca, Romania, who special...

I Wear Your Shirt

We interview Jason Sadler, founder of  'I Wear Your Shirt'. TM: The concept of ‘I Wear Your Shirt’ is simple, yet genius! How did you come up with the...
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Continental Clothing Company

January 30, 2009 We interview Simon Bliss, Coordinator of Continental Clothing Company. TM: How did you go about starting Continental Clothing Company? SB: Co...