National Scene: Cleveland

If it’s thrills and excitement you want, now that the NBA Playoffs are over you won’t find much of it here. Often overlooked and ignored Cleveland has been dubbed the most boring city in America. It’s the home of the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame and holds remnants of great [...]

National Scene: North Carolina

As the home of the classic Hanes t-shirt, North Carolina designers have a lot to prove. Home-grown and eco-friendly is a pattern that exists in most NC brands. Always fresh, always progressing while keeping true to its roots, NC fashion may not have the glam of LA or the flair of [...]

National Scene: Los Angeles (Pt. 2)

Try not to get too blinded by the flashing lights of Tinsel town. Behind the glitz and glamour of LA (way behind) there are sincere designers who take pride in staying true to their original selves. In a town where your best asset is your connections and the competition is crazy [...]

International Scene: Tokyo (Pt. 2)

As the official city of “cool,” Tokyo is a leader in fashion. Always innovative, always one step ahead of the pack, Tokyo has graced our society with some of the most stylish pieces of clothing. Designers to celebrities come here to expand their fame, fan bases and bank accounts. Overflowing talent [...]

National Scene: Baltimore

What do the cool people of the largest city in Maryland do for fun? They take their creative minds, combine it with amazing talent and supply the rest of the world with awesome clothing. Baltimore City holds a diverse fashion culture from rugged outdoorsman to extreme sports gurus. There is something [...]

National Scene: Virginia

The capital’s neighbor is hardly a stranger to the spotlight. Here birthing talent is nothing new. From the streets of Virginia to fame, emerged The Neptunes, Timbaland and the rap duo Clipse, (hardly bragging). Underneath the layers of Virginia there is an unstoppable culture waiting to break free from the chains [...]

National Scene: San Francisco

If this popular ‘90’s theme song occurs to you at the mention of this magical place then we are on the same page, “Rice-A-Roni – A San Francisco treat!” Once you get past the image of cable cars and crazy steep hills, what lies before you is street art, history [...]

International Scene: Toronto

Toronto is Canada’s economic capital and epicenter for all things trendy. As one of the top financial centers in the world, it’s no wonder this is where the hottest tee collections can be found. The streets of Toronto are a buzz with fashion. Here, a t-shirt is not only a garment [...]

International Scene: New Zealand

Adored for its lush greenery that has graced the big screen in tons of hit movies, New Zealand is a beauty to withhold. The quickly evolving landscape of the famed country has given birth to talented designers placing it on the fashion radar – watch out world! Check out some tees worthy [...]

National Scene: Maine

Fashion has emerged in the coastal lives of the humble residents of Maine. Move over lobster, soon you may see fashion served here seasonally! Check out Maine’s best kept secrets…. Team Space Pirate Team Space Pirate promises that their designs go much deeper than fashion. Tees are adorned with symbolic symbols and made with [...]

International Scene: Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia is a city in Canada that is known one of the three most livable cities in the world, and ranked #4 in cities with the highest quality of living in the world. Vancouver is also known as one of the largest film production centers in North America (after [...]

National Scene: Seattle

Find yourself being Sleepless in Seattle? These tees are sure to attract a companion to stay up with on those rainy nights! The Emerald City is more liberated than most, featuring designers who share their secrets instead of hide them. Check out what tees lie beneath Seattle’s pretty exterior…[...]

National Scene: New York Pt. 2

Bustling city streets, yellow taxi cabs, the center of freedom and hope, New York City serves as the go to city of the world. Here you will find where you left ...

National Scene: Detroit

April 3, 2009 By Kristine McGlinchey The heavy-hitters of the car industry may be struggling, but the rising fashion stars of Detroit Rock City may come t...

International Scene: Sydney

March 27, 2009 Kristine McGlinchey The land down under is quickly becoming one of the world's go-to fashion spots. Attracting designers from all over the ...

National Scene: New Jersey

New Jersey, also known as the Garden State, for some odd reason has a bad wrap in pop culture. There's always jokes about Jersey Girls being trash, dirty beache...

National Scene: St. Louis

March 13, 2009 St.  Louis, aka 'STL', aka 'The Lou', aka 'The Gateway to the West' is America's 52nd largest city (having been the 4th largest in the early ...

National Scene: San Diego

March 6, 2009 San Diego, aka America's Finest City, is indeed a very beautiful city. Palm trees, sunny days, beaches, zoos...ahh...I gotta be there. Besides th...