Celebri-tee Spotting

Celebs are always spotted wearing something expensive, or exclusive. Their t-shirts probably cost more than most of our whole wardrobes. Check out these cool t-shirts worn by some stars.

Fergie wearing a B/W photo print t-shirt.
Fergie wearing a t-shirt

Halle Berry supporting Obama.
Halle Berry wearing a t-shirt

Rihanna in a funky looking shirt.
Rihanna wearing a t-shirt

Kanye West in an expensive Fendi t-shirt.
Kanye West wearing a t-shirt

Brittany Murphy in a wicked looking tee.
Brittany Murphy wearing a t-shirt

Nas supporting The Hundreds.
Nas wearing a t-shirt

Paris Hilton believing everyone wants to sleep with her.
Paris Hilton wearing a t-shirt

Christina Millian and (Kenan and) Kel wearing the same shirt on separate occasions.
Christina Millian and Kel photos