Continental Clothing Company

January 30, 2009

We interview Simon Bliss, Coordinator of Continental Clothing Company.

Continental 2009 Catalog

TM: How did you go about starting Continental Clothing Company?

SB: Continental has been designing, manufacturing and selling wholesale to the imprintables industry throughout Europe since 1994 and in the USA since 2005. Our garments are highly appealing to verticals such as fashion labels that want style, but don’t want the hassle and cost of manufacturing in-house, the upper end of the promotional products industries looking for pioneering product development, through to music merchandise companies – our largest market, who need a garment that is cost effective but has a high perceived value and fashion-forward styling.

TM: It seems you’ve done a lot of research on cotton and have a thorough understanding of it. What made you decide to go about studying the different kinds of cotton and why people should choose one type over another?

SB: When we started focusing on what was going on outside our business, instead of looking inward, we began to open our eyes, and see things as they really are. When we started learning about organic agriculture, environmental destruction and climate change, we began to take down our own barriers, and there is no going back. Now we understand that we have been given a unique and very special opportunity to lead by example and show an entire industry, (the promotional garment industry) an industry currently in denial, how to protect the planet while growing their businesses in a sustainable manner and still making a profit. It’s a remarkable position to be in. We carry Bamboo, Organic cotton, and non organic cotton fabrics.

TM: It seems that you provide more fabric color options than most other blank t-shirt companies. How are you able to provide all of those options?

SB: We like to think ‘outside the color box’ and so you will find a lot of vintage colors in our collections; colors like gold, burnt orange, cocoa, and plum are fairly popular with our clients, again particularly with music clients.

TM: What other products do you manufacture besides t-shirts?

SB: Climate Neutral hoodies, sweatshirts and Tote Bags.

TM: How do you go about reaching and marketing your services to potential customers?

SB: Trade publications, such as Impressions, Green and Eco press, and other sectors of the media industry that are highly interested in carbon related issues, and our accreditations and certifications regarding the carbon footprinting program we have adhered to (as the first B2B Company to do so). We do not market to the general public as we do not sell to individuals.

TM: What is Earth Positive all about?

SB: We get asked this every day. It’s Climate Neutral apparel, 100% organic and ethically made, using ‘Low Impact Farming’ and made to demonstrate the highest possible environmental, social, and ethical standards in one of the world’s most environmentally damaging industries, and made primarily with the fashion, music and promotional industries in mind. Now, a humble Tee, can be the basic canvas for your message, and the environmental garment to be seen in.

TM: What’s the best thing about owning a blank t-shirt manufacturing company?

SB: Free tees! No, seriously, it is great to be able to get the overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients, in whatever industry they are in, usually they are blown away by the quality of the fabric and stitching, and the EarthPositive collection is currently wowing mostly everyone with a conscience, and those that wish to contribute to the organic apparel industry.

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