C.O.O.L is bringing “cool back”

C.O.O.L, which stands for Creative Outlook On Life, is a lifestyle fashion brand that is bringing back the essence of cool with its new classic t-shirt decorated with its trademark panda named Rufus. Rufus is a panda that is cool in all sense of the word. With his shades, beanie hat, and his skinny tie, Rufus is expressing his “cool” by being creative with his wardrobe and being unique in the way he is expressing his creative mindset.  He lives the C.O.O.L Life, which is a lifestyle of creating your own path and being fearless in your approach.

Their 2013 spring/summer collection with different color shirts with Rufus’s famous poise will be available in March. While remaining unique and creative and still creating his own path, Rufus has taken his modeling talents to applications and continues to live the C.O.O.L Life while posing on C.O.O.L’s application called I AM COOL, which is available for free on ITUNES.

Check them out at TheCool-Life.com!

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