Cool Famous Athlete Tees

It was actually harder than I thought to find some cool t-shirts with athletes on them. Seeing as how there are so many shirts paying homage to movies, I would’ve thought there would be plenty paying tribute to great athletes. A lot of the coolest ones are made by Nike. By I managed to find some others for you.

First I’ll show you some the cool Nike ones that are available at There is a nice series of shirts they came out with called the Dri-FIT Darko. They’ve got ones of Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin.

Nike Dri-FIT Darko Series

Here are some other dope NBA player shirts that aren’t made by nike.

Adidas Dwight Howard, Lakers Geek-up Tee

You can purchase that Dwight Howard tee at Fans Edge.

D-Rose T-shirt

Derrick Rose T-Shirt brought to you by Chitown Clothing. Chicago would’ve been some serious contenders last year if D Rose didn’t get injured.

Tim Tebow My Jesus Shirt

Here’s a football shirt that you guys might want to get your hands on for collectors reasons. Tim Tebow is in the process of suing this company for making these shirts, but the company isn’t budging and claims they haven’t done anything wrong. So they are actually still for sale. Get one here.

Dolce & Gabbana Mike Tyson Shirt

If you’re into buying expensive clothing aren’t flabbergasted by the idea of a $185 t-shirt, then perhaps you’d want to buy this Dolce & Gabbana shirt of Mike Tyson. It’s sold out on many sites, but I managed to find this one for you that still has it. There are different styles of it too. Comedian, Kevin Heart was wearing one the other day and tweeted, “This Mike Tyson T-shirt had me feeling Tuff as shit yesterday.”


 Anderson Silva Silver Spider T-Shirt

Continuing on with combat sports, check out this dope Anderson Silva shirtmade by the UFC.


Brazil Bike Kick T

Here are some cool Soccer shirts. One is a Pele shirt from his very own brand. If you’ve never seen this guy in action, check out some of his highlights on youtube and you’ll be amazed. He was known for his amazing bicycle kick.

Nike U.S. Women’s  Hero Tee – Solo

If you watched this years olympic games, you might have become a fan of Women’s Soccer goalie Hope Solo. Here are two tees you might like.

You can find it at the U.S. Soccer Store. They have them for guys too.

This Hope Solo shirt can be found at cafe press.

The Great Bambino

Switching to baseball, you can get yourself Sultan of Swat, aka Great Bambino, aka Babe Ruth tee from

L.A. Dodgers Matt Kemp

If you were looking for a more modern day slugger, then maybe you’d like a nice Matt Kemp t-shirt. Ironically this shirt can be found at

Wayne Gretzky Tee

And finally, to round out this search for tees with famous athletes, we bring you this Wayne Gretzky Tee for all you hockey fans out there.