Cool For School?

May 16, 2008

Offensive t-shirts can be hilarious when executed properly. That means the right person wearing it at the right time and place. What is the right place for offensive t-shirts? School you say? You’ve gone mad! Most offensive t-shirts definitely can’t be worn to school. You don’t wanna piss a teacher off on a bad day, and some tees could probably get you expelled. Here’s proof:

Kill Yourself
offensive t-shirts
C’mon, what kind of message is this t-shirt advocating to kids? We now have something else to point to as the blame for any kid who decides to kill himself because he thought it would make him cool. Really, this shouldn’t be worn to school at all, especially after the whole Jena 6 controversy. You might get a bunch of stares by wearing this t-shirt to school but most likely you’ll get a lot of people pissed off.

I’m the White Man Whose Been Keeping You Down
offensive t-shirts
Oh, so you’re the white man who’s been keeping me down. Who woulda guessed? This shirt is great for all the white supremacists out there, but if you wear this t-shirt in any school with African American students and or teachers, don’t be surprised if you get jumped after school or something. But then again, it’s just a t-shirt.

2 Drinks Away From Girl on Girl Action
offensive t-shirts
Between the two drinks and the girl on girl action, I’m not sure which is more inappropriate for school. You’d have to be a big party animal to wear this one in the first place. Save it for party time! But remember kids: “Teen drinking is very bad.”

Still a Virgin? I Can Help!
offensive t-shirts
This shirt is pretty funny. For any of you studs out there trying to pick up the ladies on campus, you may wanna try this line. It just might work…towards getting you a firm slap to the face by some hot chick. This tee isn’t offensive per se, but sex and school just don’t mix unless we’re talkin’ sex education.

Hung Like a Horse
offensive t-shirts
Word of advice: Don’t take this to school with you. Nobody really gives a hoot that you’re hung like a horse and nobody who actually is hung like a horse would need to announce it to the world with a t-shirt. And again, the noose image is definitely gonna wreak havoc after the Jena 6 situation. Definitely a no no.