Cool Wallets

September 26, 2008

These days, wallets serve beyond the purpose of just holding your your money and credit cards in them. Wallets are now considered accessories that can portray your personality and your level of  “coolness”. From colorful wallets wallets with unique compartments,  these cool wallets will surely amaze you. Check them out!

cool wallets
If you’ve ever tried tearing one of those Tyvek envelopes and failed then you’ll know that a wallet made from the same stuff must be pretty damn tough. Tyvek if you don’t know, is a brand name for a pretty versatile kind of material that is a cross between paper, fabric and some other stuff, which when combined gives Tyvek its renowned strength. So if your leather wallet is not up to the job then don’t worry these might just be the answer. The Tyvek Wallet is a tri-fold design and big enough to carry your wads of cash and many credit cards.Light & strong. Tear and water resistant.

Dimensions: 9 x 8.5 x 0.4 (cm)


cool wallets
The award winning Dosh wallet is designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia. It is the world’s first in it’s category. The unique blend of flexible and semi-flexible polymers creates an wallet that is durable, funky, and packed with clever features for modern lifestyles.Utilising a patented construction method with a one part flexible chassis, the wallet is made to endure vigorous use for the entire life span. A specific grade of injection molded thermoplastic polyurethane material is used for the wallet, which is flexible, durable and virtually indestructible.

This material is also water and chemical resistant which allows for outdoor use and easy cleaning of the product. The product has been designed with the environment in mind, it uses non-toxic, eco friendly and animal free materials, and with no adhesives used during the construction of the wallet.The innovative design of this product consists of areas for storage of credit cards, notes, as well as a unique integrated compartment for storing personal items such as keys, condoms and security cards. The generous bank note area accommodates all currencies including US dollars and Euro notes. The integrated compartment with hinged doors keeps loose items safe but does not add bulk to the wallet. The credit card slots are an innovative card storage solution that is a step forward from traditional pockets, allowing for easy access and safe storage of plastic cards.All of these features are packaged in an iconic, streamlined form that is moulded in a range of vivid contemporary colours, it represent the future in terms of personal storage. The Dosh wallet overall dimensions are 120 mm x 98 mm x 13.5 mm

Classic Smythson travel wallet with engraved lock.• Made in Smythson black pigskin.• With concertina pockets this capacious wallet is perfect for holiday or business use.• The pockets are gold-stamped : Tickets, Passport, Documents, Other and Credit Cards.• Zipped pocket gold-stamped: Currency.• Handy front pocket gold-stamped: Boarding Pass.• Smythson engraved lock.• Smooth suede calf leather lining.• Presented in a tissue-lined Nile Blue gift box.• 15 x 25cm / 6″ x 9.75


cool wallets
Meet Wallet 2.0, the original soft wallet with multi-purposes. It looks nothing like a wallet in the first glance, but after you take a good look of it, you will perceive the beauty of this innovative soft wallet. Just about the size of your normal leather wallet, it holds as much stuffs as you could put in with our patent pending wallet system: different refill sheets of credit cards, bills, I.D., coins, notes, card holder, memory card, etc… that you could choose from. Everyday life, traveling, snowboarding, cycling, hiking, night clubbing, dancing, etc… Whether you are going to do, Wallet 2.0 could be your best buddy. With the soft materials, you could put it in your front or back pocket, wear it around your neck, put it in your bags. Wallet 2.0 is not only a normal wallet, but a fashion symbol. It will be you, to define the style of urban accessory trend. Let’s go out for fun with your Wallet 2.0 tonite, should we? One more thing, we at Wallet 2.0 treasure the planet, so 1% of our sales revenue will donate to planet-care non-profit organization.


cool wallets
Sleek, contemporary and colorful. The Ögon Designs Aluminum Wallet allows you to carry your essentials in a pocket size case: papers, cards, cash… all well protected in an aluminum shell that combines resistance and lightness. The open fan-shaped compartments are functional in design and allow easy access to each card. Click-button for easy closing and opening, includes seven expandable pockets made of resistant PVC to fit up to 15 cards. Excellent protection of the data chips from electro-magnetic radiations.

Dimensions: 11 x 7.5 x 1.7 cm
Water-resistant material