The idea of creative content and content marketing is a real trending topic at the moment with loads of companies, big and small, writing blogs much like this one (but obviously not as good) trying to find their place and establish themselves as an online resource. However, creative content doesn’t just appear in blog format. There are loads of different ways in which you can express how creative and innovative your company is as well displaying your expert knowledge – and slipping in your product every once in a while too of course. Although company blogs are a great way of doing this with content like infographics, case studies and quizzes, the rest of your website should not be overlooked but often is.

The People

In my, admittedly short experience of creating online content I have found that posts that reveal something about the people behind a company generate a lot of engagement and create a more personal, honest feel to a website. One company who have embraced this idea is US design and branding firm Cornett, who have swapped their about us text for a collection of personal mood boards.

The Brand

Telling your brand story can also be a great opportunity to get creative with copywriting or a responsive infographic. Southern Comfort recently launched their new website, part of which tells the story of the brand through a parallax timeline. The content and copywriting is engaging, informative and funny. The tone is really informal with an up front honesty that seems to be trending lately. There are many playful elements to the page like choosing what the founder M.W Heron looked like (as they were no drawing etchings or photographs) and including your birthday and other important cultural events. Don’t take my word for it though, have a flick through for yourself.

What Can I Learn?

To create an online voice for your company you need to look at the people at the desks around you. Your company is a collection of people, with (mostly) interesting stories and it is nice for your customers and partners to get to know them. Online business has given us the ability to work with people and connect with clients without ever actually meeting them but it’s still important for them to get to know you, what you stand for and what you do.

If you are still stuck for some inspiration then here are some more examples of companies getting it right online:

I Shot Him

The Nerdery



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