Creep Street

Once upon a time, two obnoxious kids from New York, with too much energy, started a streetwear brand called Creep Street. The dynamic duo, Boris and Chip, also known as The Filthy Few, express their love of monster movies, the 80’s, and skate culture through their clothing brand. We caught up with co-founder Boris for an inside look at the brand and the people behind it. Check out the full interview below and get creepy.

TM: When was Creep Street born and what inspired you to start the brand?

B: Creep Street was conceived back in October 2006, when this kid I worked with, named Chip, said “Yo Boris! F*** this sucky 9 to 5, we gotta start something real f****** rad!” Chip & I had a lot in common (weirdos) and we were both pretty much obsessed with bad commercials, ghouls & goblins, 80’s and 90’s memorabilia, TV, music, toys, movies and hood culture. I always wondered what would happen if we mixed our love for the skate culture and our don’t give a f**** attitudes with those elements. Whether or not I was the one who was obsessed with girls and boobs and butts cannot be confirmed at this time.

TM: How did you come up with the name Creep Street?

B: One day, Chip said, “Yo Boris, we gotta come with something like epic, or out of this world, but like dark, crazy, and creepy…” So I said, “Hmmm…YO! I got it! CREEP STREET!”

TM: Where do you get your inspiration?

B: Hmmm… I guess you can call us “creative people?” Creep Street was a combination of both of our personalities. We were both inspired by pretty much all we could remember growing up, and all our current experiences as make-believe adults. That damn “streetwear scene” was really starting to turn into what is today around that time as well, and we felt we wanted of piece of the pie. But we wanted to make cooler stuff for cooler people! Make fun of $#!+ you know? This is a small independently run company on that hustle magic to get funds man, we were inspired to get that money! LOL But seriously, at some point, I knew that since Creep Street was on some different $#!+, I decided to just f*** the pie (get it?) and bake a f****** cake. One like those Carvel ice cream joints sans the nasty ass frosting.

TM: What’s the creative process for making a t-shirt design?

B: Formulate a concept. Write, sketch and organize a buncha $#!+(plan the line out). Then scour my endless supply of collected imagery from being a professional internet lurker, and start putting some ideas together. Then I pray to the the ancient Mayan gods, sacrifice a few animals and naked chicks and hope for a fruitful season.

TM: Who are your major influences?

B: Who? Ummm…I don’t really know. I mean do I name the directors of all my favrite horror movies and TV shows? Freddy Kreuger? Photographers? My grandmother for beating me into who I am today? My two major influences are hot chicks and my friends. Two groups I want the clothes on and I will always go outta my way for (unfortunately usually at my expense). But for real my homies allow me to stay refreshed & focused on creating new creepy stuff.

TM: How do you promote Creep Street and what are your most effective methods?

B: The internet. I think there is this very interesting concept called “sex” that seems to sell well, too. Stupid, I know.

TM: Creep Street has an in-your-face/I don’t give a damn attitude. I can see it across your whole brand- your t-shirt designs, your newsletter, and your blog. How did your brand develop this personality and how important do you think branding is to a t-shirt company?

B: Brand development takes a lot of commitment & time. I focused on really just creating a product I personally liked, and wanted people with the same lifestyles and mentalities to think was awesome as well. A brand is a sum of all its parts, and I wanted to make sure all elements with the Creep Street stamp had its residue of pure filth! Ultimately, branding might be the most important asset a company possesses. Real talk, who the f*** are you unless people know what you stand for? A buncha t-shirts? Creep Street started out to be way more than a T-shirt company from jump street. Only time will tell whether or not we’re gonna become everything we’ve wanted it to be. And more.

TM: Have you collaborated with any other designers or brands? Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with in the future?

B: Hmmm…man I like to keep things secret but I guess I’ll drop a few teasers. I’m not a big fan of that corny ‘Hey let’s drop our logos on a tee and get on Hypebeast with some brand and call it a collab!’ tip. I like collaborating with actual people more than “brands” to be honest. We’ve been working with some cool filmmakers, illustrators & photographers. We got an ongoing sexy thing with Supercult’s Chase Lisbon & Apnea, some super cool shades with Crap Eyewear, and this rad little drop with Lurk Hard Skateboarding, just to name a few.

Don’t really know who I wanna collaborate with in the near future, but if I could do whatever the f*** I wanted it’ll probably be with Howard Stern or something.

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