David Medrando

December 20, 2008

We interview t-shirt designer David Medrando.

Smoke and fire image

TM: How long have you been designing t-shirts?

DM: I have been designing tees for 3 years.

TM: In what ways has being a part of the Emptees community help you as a t-shirt designer?

DM: Emptees has been an immense help in networking, inspiration, and from time to time a good laugh.

TM: Out of all of the t-shirts you’ve designed, which one’s your favorite?

DM: I think my favorite design would have to be “Smoke and Fire.” Simply because it harbors my personal unique style in every way. Sometimes I get tired of creating designs that lean toward current trends. So from time to time I take it upon myself to just draw and come up with something fresh and new. Smoke and fire is a great example of this process.

TM: What challenges have you faced as a t-shirt designer?

DM: Creating a name for myself, and getting my designs noticed.

TM: Which artists have served as an inspiration and been an influence to you?

DM: The artists I constantly look to for inspiration are Mike Giant, James Jean, and El Mac.

TM: What are some helpful tips you can give to other t-shirt designers out there?

DM: Be confident in your work, never under sell your talent, keep an open mind, and most of all have fun with what you do.

For more info on David Medrando, check out his portfolio, which includes illustrations and photo-montages.