District Roots | SW13 Collection

Independent U.K. urban clothing brand District Roots have released their latest collection, SW13. Following the success of their early releases, they have added to their collection as they draw closer to their one year anniversary.  District Roots started out with the sole intention of creating designs which people in the U.K. can identify with. Designs which speak to their backgrounds, heritage and love people have for their cities. “We intend to expand this motif to a global scale, so that other people from around the world can gain the same sense of feeling and connection to our designs.”


Sticking to their motif of ‘Being Proud of your District and your Roots’, they have used a lot of simple but bold typography in their latest release. Staying true to their roots their latest shoot was taken in Manchester by Manchester house DJ Koast2Koast.

Check out their latest collection online at Districtroots.com.