Dope in Your District

T-Shirt Magazine is making sure you’re shopping in the right places. If you’re gonna be a tee maniac, do it the right way; get your tees from the coolest t-shirt shops around. Here’s some of our favorites in NEW YORK, LA, CHICAGO, MIAMI, and BOSTON.

T-Shirt Magazine - BBC ShopNEW YORK
456 West Broadway

This shop is crazy. If you live in New York or happen to be traveling over any time soon make sure you stop by the Billionaire Boys Club shop. First of all, the first floor looks like an ice cream parlor and the second floor looks like a fricken’ moon! Get over there ASAP cuz the way they designed this shop is out of this world.

You can get the latest BBC | Ice Cream products from here, including their expensive t-shirts ($80 a pop!). If you’re a fan of the brand, you can’t miss out on this location. If you’ve never bought a BBC t-shirt you should go get one from the shop. If you don’t plan on buying one at least go over there just to check out the crazy store. It’s like a tourist attraction!

T-Shirt Magazine - Alife ShopLOS ANGELES
451 N Fairfax, Mid-Wilshire

This shop puts their tees on display like pieces of art. They even put a layer of glass in front of them so you can’t get your finger prints all over them. It’s pretty much an art gallery/clothing store/a place you need to visit! If you’re in LA this weekend, check it out!

Alife has bunch of cool tees. Their trademark tee puts a set of huge crazy lookin’ eyes on your chest, with a look that resembles Seasame Street’s ‘Cookie Monster’. It’s pretty crazy. Go visit this gallery…clothing shop, and take a piece home for your collection.

T-Shirt Magazine - Threadless ShopCHICAGO
3011 N Broadway St

After years of selling tees online, threadless opened up a shop not too long ago, and if this is news to you, you better go down there and check it out. They’ve got a big collection of t-shirts and at the shop you can find the latest releases. A cool thing about the shop is that they have art pieces hainging high on the walls that just make the shop look fun.

There’s something here for everyone, and if you like artistic or humorous tees then you should be shopping here regularly. Another cool thing is that all of the tees come in both men’s and women’s. If you’re in the windy city make sure you stop by.

T-Shirt Magazine - Kid Robot ShopMIAMI
638 Collins Ave

Kid Robot is the number one source for urban vinyl. They’ve got a bunch of cool toys for sale and their t-shirts are just as fun. With all their funky characters, Kid Robot is a brand for anyone who’s a kid on the inside or the outside. The store has a cool minimalist design that feels funky fresh.

Kid Robot Kidrobot produces limited-edition apparel, typically in editions of 256, featuring their cool characters. They’re starting to collaborate with companies like Lacoste and Tilt to expand on their line of merchandise, so you might find some collaborative products with other familiar brands.

T-Shirt Magazine - Johnny Cupcakes ShopBOSTON
279 Newbury Street

If you’re a tee maniac and you like going to the bakery then you’ll love going to the Johnny Cupcakes shop in Boston. These tees look sweet and they’re properly displayed on baking sheets behind glass. Johnny Cupcakes is another fun brand, so if you’re into funky colorful tees you should definitely check them out.

Alot of Johnny Cupcake t-shirts feature designs that are parodies of familiar clothing labels or symbols. A popular one is resembles the Jordan label, showing a man in the air with a chef’s hat on and a cupcake in his hand instead of a basketball. The most famous is the cup cake crossbones. If you’re in Boston, take a trip down to the local bakery and buy your self a freshly baked t-shirt.