Emptees Popularity Contest #3

April 13, 2009

Check out my choices in the Emptees Popularity Contest thread:

Emptee’r you most respect/admire: Alex Mitchell, Eric Terry

Emptee’r you’re most inspired by: Flying Mouse, Jimyo, Geoff May

Emptee’r you’d eat sushi with/chat design: Alex Mitchell, Coty Gonzales

Emptee’r you wish would post more: Johnny Cupcakes

Emptee’r who’s progressed the most: Kolby

Emptee’r you wish you could live the life of for one day: Eric Terry, Johnny Cupcakes (who wouldn’t?)

Emptee’r you find most encouraging/helpful: Eric Terry, Jfinley, Jon Kruse

Emptee’r you suspect you’ll brag about knowing in 5 years: Eric Terry

Emptee’r you’d never want to meet in a dark alley: Killer Napkins (cool crazy concepts = crazy character)

Emptee’r you wouldn’t trust with your little brother/sister: Killer Napkins

2 Emptee’rs you’d love to see collab: Jimiyo + Flying Mouse = Awesome!

Emptee’r of the year (why?): Jon Kruse (he’s “that dude”), Jimyo (panda, panda )

If you don’t know any of these people, look them up in the Emptees people search section.

Actually…we interviewed some of those people on T-Shirt Magazine. Check out their interviews:

Alex Mitchell

Jon Kruse
Killer Napkins
Coty Gonzales
Flying Mouse
Geoff May
Kolby Bauswell