November 7, 2008

Emptees is about the art of tee shirt design. A place where the world’s best designers and tee enthusiasts can come together on common ground to show off, talk about, and love tees.

Every day, Emptees awards the Tee of the Day to the t-shirt design that’s been given the most love. They also pick a Tee of the Month from all the daily winners and Tee of the Year from all the monthly winners.

A big part of Emptees is talking with other designers and tee shirt lovers. The talk section is a place where members can chat about whatever they’d like. You can hype your new tee design, try to find someone to trade tees with you, or get the latest news from Emptees.

Emptees came out of us wanting to try our hand at a community site. We knew a lot of clothing companies from Big Cartel, so it seemed like a fun project to work on.” said Matt, creator of Emptees.

Although Emptees isn’t a t-shirt shop, it has released a collaboration t-shirt for sale. It’s a zombie themed t-shirt, with around 50 different designers from Emptees doing a unique zombie for it; available here.

Emptees community members express strong dedication to the site, some stating that the site is addictive. Emptees member Jon Kruse even states “this website [Emptees] is like crack”.

Emptees members have been able to make connections through the site and network with people as well.

“We are all working together constantly for so many different things. We’ve collaborated with so many fellow artists. We have had so many more opportunities, and been able to share so much more with each other — because of this little community” said Jimmyheartcore, in a post praising Emptees.

The Emptees community has a lot of talented t-shirt designers. A very short list of talented designers includes:
AJ Dimarucot
Killer Napkins
Jeff Finley
Chris Rushing
Brandon Heart

For more info, and to join in on the fun, visit Emptees.com.