Creating Your Brand

Establishing a Strong Foundation For Your Brand

Excerpt from Chapter 6 (“Creating a Solid Brand”)
of Launch a Kick-Ass T-Shirt Brand.

“Everything from the t-shirt designs and packaging to the website and marketing, and even how you answer emails and phone calls, plays into the essence of your brand.”

More Than Just T-Shirts

Consumers often buy products out of habit, because they become loyal to the brands that produce them. It’s more than likely that there are a few brands that have been in your house for the past 10 years, because you or your family have become loyal to those brands and continue to buy their products.

That’s not to say that the brands you’ve become loyal to are necessarily better than all the rest. They just happened to grab your attention and keep it long enough to build a relationship with you as a buyer. You want your t-shirt brand to do the same to members of your target market.

Your t-shirt brand is more than just a collection of t-shirts. Your ‘brand’ is the personality of your entire business. Your ‘brand’ must evoke emotions and create sensory experiences while exhibiting admirable human qualities.

Everything from the t-shirt designs and packaging to the website and marketing, and even how you answer emails and phone calls, plays into the essence of your brand. Your brand personality should be unique to your business. It is what distinguishes you from the rest of the t-shirt businesses out there.

What Do You Stand For?

First and foremost, in order to begin creating a solid brand, you need to stand for something. What, or who, does your brand represent? The things you stand for form the foundation around which your brand should be built.

In addition to standing for something, your brand must offer a unique selling point:

  • What do you offer that other brands don’t?
  • What is so special about your brand that would pique people’s interest?
  • What do you promise that others don’t, or can’t?

Your unique selling point should answer all or some of these questions.
If you have done your research and have already come up with an original idea for a t-shirt brand, this step becomes easy. Your original idea is one of the unique selling points that sets the foundation for your brand personality.

Everything you do with your brand should be in line with your unique selling point, either directly or indirectly, otherwise you risk losing the impression you intended to make on your customers. If your unique selling point is that you offer the most dirt-cheap, high-end t-shirts, you’ve got to stick to that. You can’t decide to shift your prices suddenly to increase your profit margin or to afford better-quality fabrics.

If your unique selling point is that your t-shirt designs broadcast the biggest current events, you’ve got to be in tune with the latest controversy, perhaps even keeping your customers up to date through your blog.

Maintaining your brand image by being true to your unique selling point is the key to…

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