“Change is the only constant” totes a line on the front page of the New Gotham website. Just as the grisly hero they evoke, this newly launched brand makes a one-sided pact to grind out the best of one’s own ingenuity and serve it up to the public on a silver platter. In true NYC fashion, these bootstrappers have pushed themselves to churn out some truly fresh designs that grace the fronts of custom made blanks – thou shalt not print on pre-fab. Use promo code NDGMAG to get 20% all orders over $30 from now until the Spring 2012 drop, exclusive to my T-shirt Magazine readers. Offer applicable to all but the Buffalo Bills Stevie Johnson collabs, and if you witnessed his Joker homage at the Bengals expense last year, you know there could not have been a better choice to partner with this season.