Burton and PepsiCo are launching a new line of recycled PET and organic cotton duds for the 2012 and 2013 seasons coined the Green Mountain Project. This mainstream move into bottle repurposing for fabric shows a gaining traction for the ‘semi’-sustainable manufacturing process. The first brand I know of to attempt PET fabric construction is Playback Clothing circa 2009. They were hardcore on the dream, but with only a few behind the scenes moves, they’ve never managed to really take off (or update their webpage for that matter). A good portion of their hype was based on the Life Cycle Analysis done by Yale Alumni, Jen Aces Wild, the self proclaimed ‘Corporate Environmentalist’. If you are considering hopping on the PET bandwagon or just curious about claims of sustainability, check out her site here. To find the GMP Burton tees visit your nearest flagship store in LA, Chicago, Burlington VT, NYC, Innsbruck Australia or Tokyo Japan.