In the same vain as Colus, Spanish artist Frederik Garcia is doing some seethingly cool things with the black and white medium. The cartoons and graphics on these hand-made screens are simplistic but with a subliminally haunting undercurrent. His eyeless characters and animal headed humans appear innocuous at first glance, but the b&w gives way to an unsettling dramatic detachment when musing over the implications of dismembering and reconfiguring beings. Such a weird cultural fascination. However, I had to laugh at this ice-cream balls tee – Gucci Mane needs to make this a regular fixture to his daily wardrobe. Cop Garcia’s work here.

T-Shirt Magazine | Frederik Garcia - Dog T-Shirt

T-Shirt Magazine | Frederik Garcia Mut 2 T-Shirt

T-Shirt Magazine | Frederik Garcia Ice Cream T-Shirt

T-Shirt Magazine | Frederik Garcia Barcelona T-Shirt