Free Big Cartel Theme

In May 2010, Theme Fiend, the first ever Big Cartel themes website was launched. The online shopping platform currently only offers 2 theme options, so unless you’re fluent in css and html, or can afford to hire a web designer, your shop design options are limited. The demand for Big Cartel shop themes was large and Theme Fiend responded.

Now Theme Fiend is providing a free Big Cartel theme on T-Shirt Magazine to thank all of our readers who are shop owners/aspiring entrepreneurs. T-Shirt Magazine and Theme Fiend present the TMT Theme. Check it out below and download it for free.

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TMT theme download (11.0 KB)

TMT theme download (11.0 KB)

If you’re looking for more Big Cartel themes, make sure to head on over to Theme Fiend to check out the wide selection of themes and templates for sale. Make sure to follow Theme Fiend on twitter if you want updates on theme releases.

If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up to Big Cartel to create your own shop and take advantage of their wonderful shopping cart and inventory management services.