Graffiti in New York City

Some call it vandalism, others expression.  In New York City, whatever you decide to call it, it is a culture.  Born in train yards, it moved to the streets and ever since has become a part of the city.  Bloomberg can send cleaning crews to remove its paint but the impressions will last a generation.

Check out each of the borough’s not-so-hidden treasures…

Damage Studios, run by Andrea Purcigliotti, features bad ass graffiti by ladies of the tag world. This piece was created in 2001 and has a comic strip feel to it.

Taking it back old school, Scotch 79’s art was brought to life in the tunnels and yards of the MTA’s subway system. His fusion of old and new school flavor results in an urban, pop culture feel .

Posted by recoles on Flickr, this piece was found in the lower east side of Manhattan. The bright green woman is reminiscent of Medusa, don’t look straight into her eyes!


Graffiti artists can take their creativity off of the streets of NYC and into this special area, 5 Pointz . Pictured here is a sample of some of the work you might see when visiting this mural of modern art.

Staten Island
staten island
This vivid creation can be found along the abandoned North Shore Railroad. The spot is a notorious site for graffiti artists who want to make their marks.