Halloween Promo Tactics

With Halloween approaching, it’s time for all you t-shirt shop owners out there to take advantage of this holiday when it comes to promoting your shop. Here’s some Halloween promo tactics that you can use to boost sales during Halloween time.

Have a Halloween discount sale
You should have a discount sale on every holiday, especially Halloween. Take 10% off every purchase or offer a discount code like ‘SPOOKY’.

Give away free Halloween themed products
Pack your online orders with bonus Halloween promotional products. Stickers, buttons, and maybe even yo-yos or masks from the dollar store can be cool items to include.

Launch new Halloween t-shirt designs
Have a brand spankin’ new Halloween design available for the month of October. It shouldn’t be a t-shirt that says “Happy Halloween” on it, but one that could fall under the general theme.

Have a Halloween themed contest
Run a contest to draw attention to your shop during the Halloween season. Maybe a pumpkin carving contest or a costume contest in which the prize is a few free t-shirts.

Throw a Halloween party
Hosting an event is one of the best ways to promote your company, and what better time to throw a party than Halloween? The freaks come out at night and they’ll all be at your ghoulish fiesta.

Give candy
Nowadays you can get candy with customized wrappers with your company logo on them. Hand these out on Halloween or pack some online orders with a few pieces of candy.

Halloween styled packaging
Pack your tees in trick-or-treat candy bags, or in orange and black boxes. Something that says “Halloween” would make your package memorable for the occasion.

Send a Halloween card or newsletter
If you send a weekly online newsletter, include some Halloween fun in it all throughout the month of October. Send a Halloween e-card during the week of Halloween.

Decorate your shop
If your shop is the spookiest looking one on the block passerbys will be flocking to see what lies inside. Even your online shop should be filled with the Halloween spirit.

Do a scary publicity stunt
Play dead in a mall wearing one of your t-shirts and while the paramedics come through and the crowd gathers to see what all the commotion is about, jump onto your feet and act as if nothing happened and yell your website name. Something crazy like that.

Put fliers in trick or treaters’ bags
Along with some candy put a flier in the bag of a trick-or-treater. Your product might target them or their cool parents, so you may land a few customers through some traditional trick-or treating.

Wear an extravagant costume
Attend a costume party or any other event with some fliers in your hand and a crazy costume on your body. Take advantage or people complimenting your costume. Thank them and them a flier.